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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The cookie

The line at the cash was long. I shepherded the kids to the end, but the girl quickly peeled away to press her face against the display case. There, on the bottom shelf and right at her eye level, sat an assortment of animal cookies. Large sugar cookies iced as monkeys, frogs and bears.

I want a cookie she said.

I looked at the slow moving line in front of us. I considered my options. I thought about my energy level and the low blood sugar that had brought us here from the park in the first place.

Okay I said. We can get a cookie. But you have to share it with your brother.

That one she said, pointing to a monkey.

Seated in the corner, I started to peel off the sticker keeping the cookie closed within the plastic bag.

I'll do it she said grabbing at the bag. I'll break it in half.

Okay I said. But just wait. I need to open it!

No! No, I want to do it.

I know, I said, you can break the cookie but I am going to open the wrapper.

My fingers flew as fast as they could, but they were still to slow for her liking. When I finally handed her the opened package, she pulled the cookie out. Grasping each side, she quickly snapped the cookie in two. With one piece in each hand, she paused and examined the cookies. Almost similar in size, one was slightly larger than the other. I watched her face as she started at the cookies. Recognition flickered in her eyes. Decision made.

She passed the smaller cookie piece to her brother. He grabbed it happily. She was happy too.


  1. So much for the whole one kid splits it, and the other one picks which piece they want thing! Mind you, not like that would work in our house, Joel wouldn't want to share to begin with!

  2. I'm glad my daugher isn't the only one who shares that way!

  3. Ha! Ours are a bit too young for this yet, but we have it all to look forward to! Although our son is good at sharing. For now. Let's see what he's like when he has to share with his sister!

  4. Wise beyond her years - I think she's ready for the 'real world'. ;)

  5. hehe.....she's learning young! ;0)