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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Do you see any cars? I ask him as I push his stroller.

Ye-ah he says pointing to a red car we are walking past. Mine!

Is that your car? I ask.

Ye-ah he replies. All cars are his cars.

Do you see any more cars? I ask.

Ye-ah! He points to each car on the street as we walk past. 

This is a game we play often. It keeps him awake in the stroller as we walk to pick up the girl from preschool and then make our way home. Sometimes we play cats! or dogs!, but I think he likes cars! the best.


  1. It's like a whole new version of 'I spy'! We often play 'what's that road sign'. 3 yo tells me he has 'fast eyes' so he can spot them ;)

  2. We are big fans of crows! Or at least, my toddler seems to be. When he sees them, he pants like a dog, which is his generic way of communicating 'animal'.