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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday party

It was her friend's, her best friend's, birthday party. She was nervous with anticipation about doing something new, but excited to be with him. Every time they had to stand in line she stood right behind him. His other friends stood behind her.

All over the gym floor they went. To the beam, to the vault, to the rings. He wanted to do everything, but not her. Some of it she would do. Crawling through tunnels, walking on a balance beam and jumping high into the air. Other things made her scared. I don't want to do that she said in a quivering voice to the instructor when asked to somersault or swing from the rope. That's okay sweetheart said the instructor.

I watched her having fun and trying hard to have fun even when she was scared. By the end it was all a bit much for her and she cried over the thought of getting on the trampoline. But then it was over and she was happy to have been there.

She sat beside her friend while she quietly ate her cheese pizza. She dragged the bag her present to him was hidden inside off of the party table and across the room so that she could watch him open it. It's a pizza cake she told him of the wooden toy.

Goodie bag in hand we headed home. Home to blow bubbles and watch her brother say ba-oon for the very first time as he pointed at the blue one in her hand.


  1. You have such a gift. I love the way you write. I am glad the girl enjoyed such a wonderful party.

  2. Thank you for making me smile. I love your writing.

  3. So sweet. I remember when my kids found birthday parties overwhelming too. And "ba-oon" is just the cutest thing ever!

  4. So cute that her best friend is a little boy. :) My 3yo also found a gymnastics party overwhelming and was too scared to participate.

    Was it the Melissa and Doug wooden pizza? We have that toy and it's a big hit in our house!