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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big sister

My phone rang. I jumped and quickly reached into the pocket of my hoddie. Snapping the phone open I breathed a cautious hello?

Hi said the babysitter.

How's it going? I asked, holding my breath.

He's asleep she said.

Oh good! I said and exhaled deeply for the first time since I left the house an hour before.

We ate some pizza and played. We went upstairs around one and started getting him ready for his nap.

And it all went okay? I asked. This was the first time in a long time that someone other than the husband or I had put him to sleep at naptime or bedtime. The last few times my sister had tried he resisted her quiet firmly. And it had been a long time since Grandma used to tuck him into the crook of her arm and sit in the rocking chair rocking him to sleep.

He cried a bit. She helped to get him ready but then she wanted to down back downstairs. As soon as she left he got upset and started crying. So I called her back upstairs. She lay down beside him in his bed and he calmed down. She lay there until he fell asleep. Then we snuck out.

My heart swelled.

She is an amazing big sister. He is very lucky.


  1. She's so sweet. I'm glad he feel asleep with someone different there!

  2. that is beautiful :) lucky boy to have such a lovely sister.

  3. oh:)
    that could have happened at my house - lovely caught moment.

    glad you got out with no huge non sleeping drama;)

  4. Oh, the sweetness! I love it.

  5. It is so sweet when the little ones show that love!

  6. Oh that is just so sweet. And yay for sleeping for the sitter. Hope you enjoyed your night out.