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Monday, April 5, 2010


Part of what I find hard when one of the kids is sick is the anticipation. The anticipation of the other one getting sick. I know it's coming. But then as the days pass my spirits lift and I begin to think that maybe, just maybe, it won't happen this time. Until it does.

The girl was sick last weekend. The boy was sick this weekend. Not as bad, but he still had a fever for three days and threw up one morning. We were just starting to recover from the week before, the house was getting cleaner and we were getting more sleep, and then then we went into a tailspin.

Now we wait again. Anticipating who will get in next. Hoping that it passes the two of us by.


  1. I feel this way, too! On top of that, ever since my husband had pneumonia a few years back he's been really susceptible to the various bugs the kids catch, and half the time he ends up developing pneumonia yet again. It makes me so anxious the moment anyone in the house develops a cough or a fever.

    We had sickness pass through our household last week, too, though we seem to be done with it now. Such a relief!

  2. I can totally relate. I know I've mentioned before how sick we were last year, literally 3-4 times a month. We had the stomach flu five times in six months. ALL of us. I am exactly the same way, and that's the where the worst of my anxiety sets in. I would lie in bed awake at night, anticipating that next hiccup and gurgle, trying to see who would puke next. I can never understand those families where one kid gets sick and no one else gets it (and I know some, one woman in my neighbourhood has five kids and often one is sick but not the others). We are a breeding ground for germs, I think. Sometimes I joke to my husband that we should all just lick the sick person so we all get it at the same time and get it overwith.

    And then I come to my senses.

  3. I am exactly the same way too! There has been a vicious stomach bug going through our neighbourhood school, and I have been worrying so much that we would catch it for the long weekend. I also worry a lot before we go on vacation that we might get sick. I can't seem to help; I think it's a Mom thing. My Hubby definitely doesn't worry like I do.

  4. I hear ya. Quinn has had a slow building fever over the last few days and was a cranky mess today. Hard to imagine it won't hit the others. sigh.

  5. I think we've been lucky in avoiding a lot of colds this year because of my son's obsession with hand sanitizer!