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Friday, March 5, 2010

The two of them

They look like each other. Like brother and sister. They look more like each other than like either of us. You can tell they are related people say to me. Yes I say and smile.

They love each other. Hugs are given. Sometimes wanted, sometimes not.

They fight with each other. Over toys, over spoons, over my lap.

They will always have each other. The two of them.


  1. Knowing that my own children will have each other makes me feel very happy. I really hope that they stay close in adulthood. There's something so great about having an ally in a sibling, I think.

  2. That is just so sweet. My daughter is an only child; more than anything I'd like to add a sibling to her life. I was an only child, too.
    This post was touching.

  3. I suspect "partners in crime" might be used to described them at some point in the future...