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Saturday, March 13, 2010


I was waiting for someone to ask. Since pulling our two double strollers up to the museum entrance we had been getting looks. Looking at us, looking at the four blond heads we were trailing behind. There were some smiles. Some puzzled looks.

The question finally came in the elevator between the first and second floors.

Do you have two sets of twins? the mother asked holding onto the handle of her single stroller.

No I laughed. Two of these are ours and two of them are brothers.

But they do kind of look alike admitted the husband.

Yes they do said the mother. I was impressed that you were out and about she said.

Oh, I said, I think if we had two sets of twins we would never leave the house!

I thought briefly about the woman last month who stopped me at a restaurant I was lunching at with the kids and friends to ask me about my bag. We got talking and she mentioned that she has two sets of twins. I marvelled but didn't have a chance to ask her how on earth she managed.

I though about the friends I know with twins. I am in awe of them.

And then I gave up thinking again for the next fifty minutes as the husband and I took turns trading off following the older kids and the younger kids in pairs around the museum. The girl was happy to drag her buddy W along behind her, and for the most part he humoured her. The boy was happy to walk along side me, except when he wanted to be the one holding W's hand. And T, the youngest, seem to take it all in that relaxed way of his.

Two sets of they-look-like-twins. It was an adventure. It went great. If only there had been no one else at the museum it would have been easy.


  1. I'm nervous because apparently they are eventually going to be walking/running. Then I'll be in trouble ;)

  2. I have never had twins in my care but I have had my niece (same age as my oldest) and my nephew (same age as my middle child) with me. We most definitely get looks. People wondering what kind of a crazy woman am I. Its kind of fun!

  3. Twin moms inspire me. I am sure I could do it if I had to, but not having had to I remain in awe.

  4. It is all relative, right? Yesterday I met a woman with an older daughter, 4.5 year old twins and an almost 1 year old. That seemed like so much to me (when really it is only one more than what I have).

  5. I couldn't say what it would be like to have twins every single day, but I do know that I can handle taking four kids out at one time when they aren't all mine. Something about them listening to me when my own kids don't.