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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Six tall tulips growing in a pot. Dark pink flowers, their petals are closed to the overcast sky. They sit by the sink to get the most sun. I look at them often.

Yesterday they brought me moments of joy. I was exhausted after a long night with a girl who decided that midnight is a better time for talking than sleeping. The flowers, my favorite, made me smile.

Today I don't need them as much. I can smile without needing a glimpse of the vibrant pink flowers against the green leaves.

Still, I look at them often.


  1. Tulips are my favorite as well. This time of year I love watching them grow, and picking up and squeaking the cut bunches that are helter-skelter in the buckets at the grocery store. I can't wait for Tulip Fest!

    Our tulips just sprouted from the beds this week. We are goin to rake the winter mulch off, and then wait for the surpise of what colour they will be!

  2. I just love reading your blog. You are so poetic and you make all of life's simple things seem so much more beautiful. It makes me want to stop to smell the roses (or look at the tulips!) more often.

  3. simple and lovely. thank you.

  4. I have a soft spot for tulips too. The first flowers hubs bought me were a big bunch of tulips, on a whim when we passed a flower shop. How things have changed since we first started dating!