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Monday, March 29, 2010

This is parenting

The fever started on Friday.

On Saturday she slept. Waking occasionally to eat or watch a video, she spent the day napping in our bed.

Sunday morning she woke for the day at 1:30am. The next few hours were spent comforting her as she threw up. Three times. Sunday was a long day.

She woke up again this morning at 1:30am and wouldn't go back to sleep. I tried to be thankful that she wasn't throwing up. I tried to get her back to sleep.

I was exhausted but comforted myself with the fact that the husband was sleeping and I could pass her off to him at 5am. At 5am I learnt that he had been up for an hour and a half with the boy. He was as tired as I was.

I had a hysterical sleep-deprivation-induced breakdown in the living room. The husband sent me back to bed. I slept for three hours. When I woke up the husband went back to bed.

I am struggling to find my balance. My patience.

This my friends, is parenting.


  1. hugs! I hope she's better soon and you all can get some sleep.

  2. Parenting is: not putting an ad on Ebay (or Kijiji) for your kid at 3am.

  3. Sorry, another thought - a work colleague got married a few weeks ago, and I congratulated him. He asked whether I had kids, and I told him about the Girl and the Boy. I think he was just trying to make conversation, but he said "So what's parenting like? Fun?"

    I said "It's like boot camp that never ends." I don't think he knew what to say.

  4. Hope she feels better.

    Exhaustion + High Demands = Not A Pretty Picture

    Sorry you are going through a rough patch right now.

  5. oh it is parenting! (said with all italics) so thankful for partners, my utter respect and admiration to those who go it alone. there must be a special kind of afterlife for parents and it must involve getting full nights of sleep.

  6. Oh I hope she is better for you today. I know EXACTLY how you feel. UGH

  7. I've been there too my friend. Is there comfort in the thought that it won't last forever?

  8. It certainly is, and at times it's torture. Nothing worse than being kept awake by an ill little one. I hope she is better soon.

  9. Oh those early years are filled with sickness and I'm so glad that my kids are past that now. It most definitely is a challenging time for parents. You are doing great and it will pass soon.

  10. I've totally been there too - why do all parents have to go through this? It's like we have to continually prove that we are tough enough to withstand this job called "parenting". And what choice do we have? No matter how exhausted and depleted we are, we must take care of our children when they are sick. At all hours of the day and night.

    Be sure to let your friends know if you need help - that's the most important thing some days.


  11. Oh sweet Girl!! Hope you are all getting some rest tonight and she starts feeling better SOON!! My 7 yo had Facial Cellulitis (sp) last week and over the weekend! Thankfully better so she went back to school today, she was on TWO for her face and one for her upper respitory infection...UGH!! But SHE sleeps Boy on the other hand....1:30 AM...2:30 AM!!!! Right now it is 11:26 and I am keeping my fingers crossed for an EARLY night!!!! THIS IS EXTREME PARENTING!! :D Hang in there..ya'll are doing GREAT!

  12. Definitely hard on the nerves! It’s amazing how our coping mechanisms start to shut down when we haven’t had enough (or any!) sleep. I hope the girl is feeling better and you have a good rest soon!

  13. No fun. No fun at all.

    And yes, this is parenting.