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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Passing it on

I thought that the first day into my second year of blogging would be a good time to stop and thank some people for passing on some kind awards to me. I am embarrassed to say that I have taken my sweet time with some of these. I blame it on my disinclination to do anything that I feel like I should do, even if I want to do it. Yup, that is just one of the wonderful personality traits that I that makes me me.

First to thank are two fellow bloggers from Ontario who kindly passed on A Bloggy award to me. I tried to upload the image, but well, for some reason I couldn't. Something else that makes me me is my lack of technological skills.

Mary Lynn from Riding in a Handbasket gave me a great wee perk-me-up with this award. There is nothing like knowing someone enjoys reading you to make you smile.

Momshell from The Momshelter provided me with what might be the most interesting description of Capital Mom ever. She said that "reading her blog is like sleeping on clean white sheets and ignoring the fact your child left a booger on your pant leg." It's always interesting to find out what others think of you, isn't it.

From the other side of the world, Lifeslightlyused's Blog bestowed upon me the Honest Scrap award. Somehow I managed to upload that picture. I was a surprised as you are.

The Honest Scrap Award Rules say that I must:

1. Brag about the award.
2. Include the name of the blogger who gave you the award and link back to that blogger.
3. Choose a selection of blogs that you find brilliant in honest content
4. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with this award.
5. List at least ten honest things about yourself.

………then pass it on with the instructions!

Here are my ten honest things about myself. Consider it the book club edition:

- I don't like the book we are currently reading for book club.
- I didn't finish the book and I don't plan too.
- I am going to honestly tell everyone at the book club that I didn't like it and why.
- If I don't like a book I skip to the last chapter and read that so I know what happens in the end. - I was too bored to read the last chapter of the book club book.
- I read Twilight. Well, most of it because I didn't like it and skipped to the end.
- My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.
- I first read it for high school English class and love it.
- I am going to pick it as my next book choice for book club because some of the members hadn't read it yet.
- I love book club.

I am passing this award onto some of the awesome Ottawa bloggers that I have already started working with on the new parenting blog we are starting. They are all going to bring great voices to the project! And hopefully we will have more awesome bloggers joining them!

If you don't know them already, please go check out:

- Lara at Gilding through Motherhood

- Vicky at Some kind of Wondermom

- Lynn at Turtlehead

- Shannon at A Crafty Mom


  1. Okay, now you HAVE to tell us what the dead boring book club book was! I'm curious enough to seek it out to see if it's really all that bad.

    Aaaaand, I just remembered that I'm on page 5 of my book club book and it's due at the library tomorrow. DOH.

  2. I actually can't wait to get my hands on that book. Just to see how bad it is. Even Vicky didn't finish it (or like it) LOL

    I can't wait to hear and read more about the parenting blog!

  3. Congrats on blogging for a year - and for winning these awards. It's always nice to hear that other bloggers are reading and like what you have to say. And thanks for including me in your list of awesome Ottawa bloggers.

  4. ok, you must divulge the name of the book. i'm curious to know whether or not it was a book i have read and hated (or maybe loved!).

    love the description of your blog by momshelter. i totally see that.

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your impression of Friday Night Knitting Club. As soon as I took a look at your blog, I thought FRIEND...annyone who doesn't like Twilight and whose favourite novel is by Jane Austen is a friend-in-waiting.