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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Her friend was climbing up a hill and she was behind him. He fell backwards and she fell too. From across the playground I heard her cries. With one eye still on the boy making his way towards the off limits play structure, I swooped down upon her and pulled her up. She was covered in mud. Her boots were muddy, her rain pants were muddy and her coat was muddy.

I suggested she lie down in the snow and try to rub some of the mud off. As she and I discussed the virtues of such an idea, I turned around and found the boy lying happily on his back in a pile of snow. His red snow suit a sharp contrast against the white below him. Finally she agreed. I grabbed her arms and dragged her back and forth, back and forth across the school yard. She laughed.

She cried when she stood up and realized that her bum was now wet. Dissatisfied, she started to take her pants off. I quickly found a spare pair in her school bag and she changed out in the open air. I chased the boy down and, ignoring his pleas for freedom, shoved him in the stroller. The girl tore off her jacket, declaring that she was too hot for it. Instead, she sat on it in the stroller on the way home. She cuddled beside her brother and wrapped herself in the fleece blanket.

Spring is here.


  1. This post totally made me smile. Isn't Spring great? Mud and all...

  2. hehe although mud can be frustrating, it beats the cold weather!

  3. Your blog and your writing style are like a breath of fresh air, so clean and calming. (we had a mud incident the other day involving a boot left behind in the mud, snow cannot solve the problem of mud sock).

  4. I just love to read your posts B.

    I love a big serving of Spring, but Mud is my least favorite condiment.

  5. i love seeing kids that are dirty and covered in mud. to me it means that they are having fun and just being kids. i have the biggest smile when i pick the bean up and he is wet and dirty. i know he has been having a good time.

  6. That is sweet. I, too, love your writing style and look forward to your posts. Keep it up!!!