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Monday, March 22, 2010


I live with two monkeys. My monkeys like to jump and climb. Screech suddenly. Eat bananas.

One of the monkeys has decided to adopt the monkey see, monkey do saying as his life's motto. He watches my other monkey and has to do exactly everything that she does. Everything.

She bangs her spoon on the table. Before you can ask her to please stop, he bangs his spoon on the table.

She asks for a bowl of yogurt and berries. No point ever asking him if he wants some because he will just yell if you come out of the kitchen with just one bowl.

She hits me in frustration. He walks across the room and hits me. Twice.

She heads for the swings. He is right behind her trying to climb into the one beside to her.

She grabs a shirt from her cupboard. He grabs one too and tries persistently to put it on.

She stands up on her chair and before you can say please sit on your bum he has gotten up off his bum to stand on his chair.

She starts to jump off a step as we go down the stairs. Looking directly at the boy I say to her no jumping on the stairs please, it isn't safe. Then I rush to catch him as he jumps off the top step.

I love that he loves her. I love it. Really! I just wish that the mimicking would end. But I have a feeling it is only going to get worse.


  1. I think I'm facing a similar future. The 1 year old idolizes his older brother, and as soon as he gets properly mobile I'm in big trouble. It's sounds so cute how you describe, but I suspect as you say, living it can be challenging. Fun times.

  2. I'm finding three such a rough age (have you seen my blog post from today? ;) , I bet it will get easier in some ways soon. At least here's hoping ;)

  3. Oh I feel it, sistah. Rocco runs and counts like Max, does knuckles and fights like Tim.

    I officially give up.

    (Lucky you caught him from the top step!)

  4. The mimicking is coming in full force here, too. My 19-month-old has to do everything his big sister does. It's sweet, but it's also sort of annoying, because it means all of her bad behaviour is amplified.

  5. as cute as that sounds, i imagine you are running ragged at some points. my decision for one child seems to be looking bright today. ask me tomorrow, and i mightbe lamenting it!

  6. You certainly do make it sound very cute! But I feel your pain! And I'm sure the girl finds it quite annoying too!

    Not that this is any help, but my kids are older and 7 years apart (boy 12, girl 5) and she still mimicks him every chance she gets!

    Hopefully your boy will soon slow it down a bit and just do his own thing. Good luck!

  7. My youngest is a huge copycat of his two big brothers too. It makes me insane, although he does sometimes imitate the cute stuff in addition to all the annoying stuff!

  8. There is a 6 year gap between my oldest and my 2 year old babe.....hold on tight! They want to do EVERYTHING the "big ones do" :) It's adorable to watch them act big, but sad to see babyland diminish. Good luck Mom!

  9. How do you write my life so well?


  10. I have heard that twins can be like this, but I never thought to worry about little ones mimicking their older siblings in such a literal way. One more thing to worry about!