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Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Maybe he wasn't tired. Maybe the twenty minute nap he had in the stroller was enough. Maybe it was the sound of the girl wandering the hallway and knocking on his door.


Maybe he still wasn't tired yet. Maybe it was the change of sleeping in his new (the girl's old) bed instead of the crib. Maybe it was the girl quietly creeping the hallways and playing with the gate at the top of the stairs.

Three times

Maybe he was overtired. Maybe my tiptoeing out of his room sounded like stomping elephant feet to his ears and woke him from his slumber. Maybe he hates me.

Yesterday I felt like they both hated me. He never napped. She would not listen. I was exhausted from them both being awake the night before. I managed to finally get us all outside but the walk was cut short when the girl refused to get in the stroller and then refused to walk in the same direction as me. I went to a friends house and she let us stay there until the husband picked up the kids. He took them home and fed them dinner while I went somewhere else.

That was a day. A long, hard day.

I wish I could say that today has started better but it seems we have picked up where we left off yesterday. Add in a doctor's appointment for the girl and I don't have much hope for today.

Please send cupcakes.


  1. ****
    * *

    Hopefully they will both be so exhausted they'll conk out at some point today. Meanwhile.. have strength!

  2. (Aw, my cupcake looked right in the comment box but got all mushed when I posted it. )

  3. good luck. as i try and keep my eyes open at the computer long enough to look like i am working (the bean had a terrible night last night) i'll try and send some positive energy vibes your way.

  4. Awww it's horrible when you feel as though it's them against you. I hope they both settled eventually to give you a little respite. x

  5. :(
    I hope today is better than expected. The snow is going away quickly, soon the park will help. It's positive thinking right? :)

  6. Yesterday I felt like they both hated me...say no more!!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day. Or at least a better one.

  7. Oh. This too shall pass.

    I'm sorry, but I ate all the cupcakes ;)

  8. On an positive note only the boy cried during the doctor's appointment. I think he was worried he would be getting another shot.

  9. I have so been there! Looking back it just feels like a blink, but I know that it wasn't.....

  10. My famous Lindt muffins. For you. XOX

  11. I think it's something in the air.

  12. Lovely virtual cupcakes coming your way. And a better day tomorrow.

  13. That sucks, so not fun. Hard, long days take their toll on us moms. Hoping you have some short, easier days in the very near future :)