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Thursday, March 4, 2010

High chair

The boy now sits at the table with the rest of us. Perched on his knees on a kitchen chair pulled up close to the table, he picks at his food just like his sister does. He pushes away his plate when he doesn't like what is on offer. He gobbles his eggs every morning and eats bowlful after bowlful of yogurt when it is put in front of him.

Just don't try to seat him in a high chair.

The high chair we bought when the girl was only a few months old has been dismantled and passed onto friends. She sat in it when it was reclined as far back as it would go and sat in it when it was transformed into a booster seat. She would probably still be using it if I hadn't transitioned her out of it in order for the boy to have somewhere to sit.

He used it happily for the longest time. The white tray clicked in place, he would sit and eat or play or watch me from across the room. Shortly after he hit seventeen months the struggle started. He would protest being put into the chair. He graduated to back arching and passive resistance. Then he adding screaming.

I gave up. For a few weeks the high chair sat beside the table while the boy sat on a kitchen chair. Five chairs around the table. We moved it away from the table to a spot against the wall, where it sat for another few weeks. Finally, we took it apart.

He sits at the table with the rest of us. Happy that he is where he wants to be.


  1. Big step.

    Maude joined us at the table on a little booster a few months ago - real estate in our cramped dining room is at a premium, so away it went. Maude is much happier now that she can crawl up and down on her own and she too, pushes aside her plate when she's done. Tonight she made a lovely little pile of green beans beside her plate and each time she would find one on her plate she would show me as if to say "what do you think you're trying to pull?"

    Looking forward to Saturday!

  2. Sweetness. He just wants to be like all the rest of you, eager to be a big kid. Enjoy, it's lovely :)

  3. My toddler doesn't sit ANYWHERE. He runs around with food in his hand. I've tried, believe me, but he just patently refuses.

  4. the bean has been doing that for about 8 or 9 months now too. it's fun to have him at the table with us, but man is it ever messy! the dog loves it though.

  5. aww it is nice to have everyone at the table, although way more messy!

  6. Right there with ya - L has done the same thing. I agree with Julie - SO messy but kind of heavenly for our dog :)