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Monday, March 15, 2010

The gang

"It's like the gang is all here" she said watching the kids play at the park. Her kids. My kids. Neighbors' kids. A group of ten or so youngsters five and under tearing around the play structure, running in the wading pool and chasing each other across the basketball court.

Some parents I hadn't seen since fall. Some parents I had seen in passing as we pushed our strollers down the street in opposite directions. Some parents I see every week, as much as I can.

Our kids had all grown. They all look different. Older.

The snow has melted. The puddles are gone. Park season has begun.


  1. Dontcha love it??? That's happening at our park too, it's awesome. Park season makes the adult conversation easier - I love it when my favourite moms show up at the park. And I know where your park is . . . so I may show up there one day :)

  2. I've passed on a Bloggy award to you. Come grab it if you want to wear it loud and proud or don't and just know that you are awesome. You are also supposed to pass it on to some worthy fellows if you so choose.