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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The barber

We were early. The kids peaked though the doors, pressing their faces against the glass. They pointed to the colourful seats and the horse ride. We killed some time by stopping for a snack from the food court and tying to prevent the boy from launching himself down the escalator.

The doors finally opened and we headed inside. The boy was bold and rushed ahead. The girl was cautious, reluctant to finally meet the "barber" and have her first real haircut. A haircut that didn't involve me quickly snipping her bangs while she wiggled in front of me on the dinning room table.

She needed a haircut. Her bangs had been cut, she had even cut some of her hair herself, but the hair reaching down to the middle of her back were her white blond baby locks. It needed to be snipped and tidied.

He boy needed a haircut too. His face was becoming obstructed by wispy pieces of his white hair that would fall forward to cover his eyes. The back was too long. He looked shaggy.

The girl went first. She sat in a chair shaped like a car. She could have pretended to drive the car but she was too mesmerized by the video playing on the wall across the room. That kept her riveted enough that she didn't notice the inches being removed from the back of her hair until it reached her shoulder. She did managed to tear her eyes away from the screen long enough to look at the hairdresser while her bangs were trimmed. The girl grimaced and squeezed her eyes shut when I made the hairdresser go back and make them even shorter.

When she was done the girl had her photo taken by the hairdresser. She had some sparkles added to her hair. I have sparkles in my hair she said to her grandma later, like a big, huge donut!

The girl had been nervous about the "barber". I had been nervous too. In the end she cautiously enjoyed it. I didn't cry she said to me. Unlike her brother.

The boy patiently wandered around and played while his sister had her hair cut. Once she was done and I told him it was his turn he started to sob. Big wet tears rolled down his face during his haircut. He sat red faced in an orange airplane chair while the hairdresser cut and cut. In the end more of his hair lay around him than had been cut off of his sister.

How do you want it cut? the hairdresser had asked me. Um, shorter? I had said. Okay, a boy cut she said back. I guess I replied, but not a, a... A brush cut, my mother-in-law had supplied. Yes, not that I had said.

The hairdresser trimmed and shaped until I could see the boy's ears and the back of his neck. His fine features emerged from behind the layers of hair. I watched the face of a boy appear and the last vestiges of his baby face disappear.

Bits of his blond hair fell and got stuck in the cherry lollipop he sucked on. The lollipop and the hand mirror I held in front of him were the only things that would temporarily steam his tears. When the haircut was finally done the hairdresser took the picture of a tear-streaked boy with a red sticky face.

We cleaned him off. The girl and boy took turns riding on the mechanical horse. We paid and thanked the hairdresser.

I took home two kids that looked older than when we had arrived.


  1. I know! Don't they look so grown up with haircuts?

  2. a big huge donut :)
    I want to feel like that. Wonder if I have any sparkles around...

  3. Our son's hair grows so quickly! We take him to the barber at Sunnyside & Bank. He sits so nicely for the barber each time. At 18 months we have made 5 visits already.

    Sounds like a relatively successful visit for you this morning.

  4. What a fantastic place that sounds to get children's haircuts. It's so sad when baby boys suddenly look so grown up after that first hair cut. My toddler's hair is so long that he keeps getting called a girl! Ooops.

  5. My son had his first 'real' haircut when he was 13 months old. Before that I tried once myself, but it didn't go well. He was WAY too wiggly and the scissors were way too sharp. Since the first real cut we have been back once, and he cried and wiggled through both of them. Thankfully, the stylists were fast and skilled and did a good job in spite of it all.

    However, I hadn't thought of a lollipop. That is a really good idea. I'll track one down, because we are approaching mullet territory over here now.

  6. Did you save some of the hair? First haircut is always a big milestone! I'd love to see the pics sometime.

  7. They always look so different after a hair cut!

    I remember the first time we took K there he got a lollipop and it got covered in hair :P Yeuk.

    And I agree with Emily, bring on the feeling of being just like a donut. whee :)

  8. i know exactly where you went! they look so much older after hair cuts. i think i'm going to let the bean's hair grow longer. i don't want to loose more time!

  9. I love her comment about being sparkly like a donut. So cute! Both my kids used to wail when they got haircuts. I'm always amazed with how kids' hairdressers manage to do a nice haircut even while their subject cries and twists and wiggles about.

  10. Oh! And I forgot to mention I gave you a bloggy award in my post yesterday. :-)

  11. What a beautiful post. I love the way you refer to your children as "the boy" and "the girl"...somehow that impersonal reference highlights their specialness.

    I want to thank you, also, for your sincere comment. Hearing from you is always appreciated.

  12. Wow! So THAT'S what a successful first haircut Boy would not sit still long enough for the lady to finish, he ended up with half a haircut, then a VERY UNsuccessful attempt by me to "even" it out....think Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber!!! :D