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Saturday, February 6, 2010


We are not a restaurant.
We are not a hotel.
I understand if you want to come and visit, but please visit.
Don't just sit reading the New Yorker or surfing the Internet.
Spend time with the kids.
Read to the kids.
Both of the kids.
I wonder sometimes if I imagine it.
I don't think I do.
You pay the girl a little attention but it is the boy you play with.
You read him books and call him buddy.
Is it that he is a boy?
Is it that he is younger and therefore somehow easier to relate to.
Because he is growing up.
And my patience is wearing thin.


  1. Have so been there - Thankfully the family members that did this have moved overseas as children were starting to notice. It is so sad isn't it *hugs* and brave post.

  2. Brutally honest, and thank you for sharing. We have been there. It has actually encouraged us to come up with a game plan for the next time.

  3. Your posts are often very powerful. This one is no exception. Well said.

  4. Uh oh - not a good kind of visit :( I totally agree with you too, and can relate I'm afraid.

  5. brave post indeed. well said and know that we all have one of those in the family. if not more, unfortunately. if only we could be ride of them...

  6. the truth often hurts....our children the most.
    But what do you do when it is not just a visit, and the favoritism is obvious? How do you reason with a 79 yo?