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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Talking to me

Whether I tell you or not, my day had been both good and bad.
That is life.
That is parenting.
Catch me in one moment and I will moan about my day.
Catch me in another and I will extol the virtues of my life.
Whatever I tell you has happened anyway.
I just need to share.


  1. So true. Blogs just happen to offer a snapshot of the bits we choose to share.

  2. This is so true. Whether it is a blog post, a tweet, the first thing that comes out of our mouths when we see our spouse at the end of the day, what we tell our mother on the phone, etc.

    I had an awful experience last night. Emma grabbed my razor while in the bath, took off the cover and proceeded to try to brush her teeth with the "pink toothbrush" all before I could get it away from her. She ended up cutting her lip, there was lots of blood, Julian wanted to know if she was going to die, etc...I felt stupid for leaving the razor there and for not watching her closely enough to notice it immediately (I was reading a magazine while watching the kids play in the bath). But I chose not to share it on twitter or on my blog because I wasn't ready to have a discussion with people about that part of my day. But I did want to I'm doing it here. :)

  3. You always put things so well. Parenting is such a complex experience.

  4. Yes, I was just thinking about that idea this morning. Like how last week we were ALL sick and now this week it just seemed like a better week than this to go through it all. Kids are good for our personalities. They force our perspective to grow.

  5. This sums it up perfectly! And thanks for sharing ... Julie

  6. Well said, and this applies to all aspects of life, not just to parenting. I mean, parenting, of course, is unpredictable and can be alternatively exhilirating or overwhelming. But the same can be said for my life, and I am not a parent. There are many moments when I feel like the World is caving in on me and I am going to be crushed under the weight of every little thing that didn't go exactly as planned today. Likewise, there are moments when I marvel at how perfect my life is. All this to say, I can relate.

  7. I hate to admit it, but my mood is often so dependent upon my daughter's...and the little things like colds, snow, and cancellation of school. The variable moments---you've captured well.

  8. And never the same each day and never predictable! ;0)