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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


If you ask the boy if he wants to sing he replies with baa baa. Then we sing the rest together.

Baa baa black sheep is one my favorite nursery rhymes. It makes me think of the rolling hills of the English countryside and barns full of sheep waiting to be sheared. I can picture a large manor house on the grounds and down the road a small thatched stone cottage where a widow lives with her child.

I sang it to the girl when I was pregnant with her. It was one of the few songs whose words I could remember. I kept singing it after she was born. It is the first song that always comes to mind when I am looking to sing something to the boy.

I love that he sings it back.

The fall after the boy was born I took the kids to a local playgroup three times a week. Near the end of the playgroup, right before the cars where brought out, we would all sit on the floor for circle time. The girl liked all the songs. One of her favorites was I'm a little teapot because of the actions. The other, and my favorite, was Row, row, row your boat.

For this song all the kids moved into the circle and faced their parents. We would hold hands and pull each other back and forth.

It wasn't long before the girl passed me over in favor of rowing with her brother. I would hold him in my arms, propping him up and supporting him while she rowed with him. He was only a few months old but she was thrilled to be journeying down the stream with him.


Today at playgroup the boy sat in my lap while we sang Itsy bitsy spider. The little spider and then a great big spider both climbed up the water spout while all the parents preformed the actions. I like this song, but all I could think about was the lyrics I had learnt when the girl and I attended a yoga class together:

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout
to ask the Universe what life was all about.
The stars in the sky said life is great,
so the itsy bitsy spider went home to meditate.

This version makes me smile. Especially when the girl sings it.


  1. The yoga class song makes me smile, too.

  2. baa baa was the jellybeans first son too. now he sings the spiderman theme song. sigh.

  3. baa baa black sheep is my son's fav bedtime song - sometimes 5 little monkeys!

  4. Our girls top 3...You are my Sunshine, Hush little baby, and Tomorrow (from Annie). The boy...Wheels on the bus and Old MacDonald. SOOOO different! But definitely in a good way! :)

  5. LOVE the yoga spider song! A very popular one in our house is sung to the tune of YMCA:'
    Young one, there's no need to feel down,
    I said young one, pick yourself off the ground
    and go down, to the B-A-T-H,
    you will get so clean and hap-py.
    It's time for a B-A-T-H!
    A B-A-T-H!
    You can get yourself clean
    You can have a good scrub,
    When you! are! in! the tu-ub!

    I taught the others at playgroup this song once and am still occassionally introduced as "the one that taught me that bath song" when I run into one of them out and about.