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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My girl?

Last week I had a parent-teacher interview at the girl's preschool. I sat with the two teachers in the office trying to keep the boy occupied while still listening to them say some very kind things about the girl. There is nothing like non-family members saying nice words about your child to make you think that you may actually be doing a good job as a parent.

The teachers went through a list of milestones for her age and let me know that she was meeting them all. I knew she liked to paint, could cut with scissors and loves to read with the teachers but some of the things they said surprised me.

She gets dressed in her outside clothes by herself.

What? This was definitely news to me. Mornings are usually a stressful scramble as the husband and I try to get both kids in their snowsuits, boots and winter accessories without one of the four of us crying. To find out that all this time she could have been getting herself ready, well, let's just say changes were quickly made to the morning routine. Now the girl gets herself dressed from head to toe every morning. Sometimes she even does it without complaining.

She can write most of her name.

Really? I knew she knew most of her letters. I had seen her write some letters, like M and W. I didn't know that she was trying to write her name. One of the teachers said that the girl wrote about half of it for her one day. This motivated me to sit down and work on it with the girl. And then she wrote it. Again and again.

She play just as well independently as she does with others.

Who? My girl? In some way this was the greatest surprise of all. The girl always wants me to play with her. To be with her. To be near her. I was starting to wonder if she was actually able to play by herself. Apparently she is. Just not when I am within fifty feet of her.

The parent-teacher interview was a very informative fifteen minutes. I may have to schedule another one of those soon. By then the girl could be changing base metals into gold and I wouldn't even know it.


  1. Even though I am home with Violet all the time (time seems to be standing still in all this snow), she needs to crawl up my butt most of the day. The only time she makes an effort to play on her won is when I tell her to clean her room, or put on pajamas. She manages to entertain herself for hours whilst avoiding the task she's been charged with.

  2. Amazing what our kids can do isn't it??? My daycare provider had to let me know that my son has been putting his snowsuit on ALL BY HIMSELF for months now. Apparently he can do this as long as I'm not around!

  3. @Kelly That is an awesome idea! I am going to try that. Hmm, I will have to think about what the girl hates to do most and ask her to do that. Thanks!

  4. isn't it amazing - I found out last night my kids are in choir (what? wouldn't you tell me?) and that son had been in play (same reaction) Its bizarre - i ask them what they have done at school, or what their favorite thing was, or what they enjoyed most, and it is always going on the climbing frame...thats not what i want to know...:s - this is why I like p/t nights...

  5. I always find my kids aspire to greatness when I am no longer present. Sometimes it is frustrating, yet I am proud that they are at their best knowing that I am never far.

  6. Kids are never the same with their parents as they are with other people. It's sort of as it should be, really. Of course they want their mama to baby them, I sometimes sort of want my mama to baby me still, especially when I'm sick. It's a good sign, I like to tell myself, that my kids cling to me and want me to do things for them. It makes me feel better, anyway.

  7. oh i can't wait until the jellybean can dress himself! a world of time would open up for us!

  8. I am always amazed when my daycare provider tells me about my oldest sons day. Usually she describes the exact opposite of how things typically go for us.I find it fascinating to learn how different they are with others than they are with us. A glimpse into their own world (a world without mom), sad yes, but I suppose exactly how life goes, right?!

  9. I had aLOT of the same reaction during our parent/teacher conference!! Apparently, The Middle Child LOVES to help others CLEAN UP!! WHAT???!!

  10. I walk in to wherever K has been for the day when he's away from me (daycare or grandparents) to have him immediately start whining, complaining and unwilling to detach himself from me. And I am always informed he was perfectly fine until I arrived. My mother in law, who ran daycare for 20+ years says all kids do it. They treat us differently because we have a different relationship. Why we don't get to see the best of them is annoying, but I can see how it happens.
    Yay to a great review and learning all kinds of things she can do!