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Saturday, February 27, 2010


It is hard to find,
our love.
Dirty dishes,
dirty diapers,
dirty kids.
We are pulled
in different directions.
I try to grab your hand in passing.
I am always happy when you
grab it back.


  1. Spot on again!

    I'm really glad that we had 10 years together as a couple before kids came along and that we both recognize that we will have many years together after they are grown. It helps the quick grabbing of the hand be enough to hold us over during the times when that is all that is possible. It allows us to focus on our kids during the time they need us the most and know that we'll come out of it okay.

  2. it is tuff to find sometimes isn't it. i find it's in the middle of the night when i feel his hand tuck under me, or i snuggle into his back that i find it.

  3. Sometimes the minimalist poem says it best ;)

  4. Kids sure do take their toll on the relationship don't they!

  5. Love this, because we live it everyday. At this point, it's the small things that remind us how special we are to one another - a touch, a look, a laugh. And really, it's those moments that make us stronger (because they are unexpected, and genuine)

    Thanks for this

  6. I love your little vignettes, they're brilliant. This one particularly struck a chord with me. Lovely.

  7. Love it! I absolutely love your writing and I've really been enjoying reading your blog. Thanks!

  8. I would add...and thank goodness we get to see each other in bed at night, because otherwise I might lose you

  9. Completely true - so hard some days I can hardly believe it! I never would have guessed before having kids that marriage could become so low on my priority list some days.