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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was kindly tagged by Noble Savage for the Shiny Happy Things meme. While there are lots of things that make me happy, here are two that never fail to cheer me up no matter how grumpy I am.

1. Dancing Queen by ABBA. It always makes me smile. And sway. And sing. And feel, not seventeen, but nineteen again.

2. Marimekko. I dare you to look at one of their bright, bold poppy patterns and not feel your heart skip a beat. I love those poppies so much I dragged the husband all over Helsinki looking for the Marimekko outlet store. And when I found it I not only smiled, I squealed.

What makes you happy?


  1. Without a doubt, Starbucks and a good book.

  2. Catching up on all of the Blogs I love and seeing that you are HAPPY today!! :D Lots going on with you....soooo inspired by the alarm clock...will have to remember that one!! Glad you had an AWESOME experience at a restaurant which inturn had the Girl sleeping ALL NIGHT!! YAY!! Really funny cupcake recipe..will have to try that one!! Hope the rest of your week is this good!! xo

  3. Oh my goodness, WHY did I look at that website? I love it so much I want to move inside one of their shops and live there forever. Such cute stuff!

  4. Velcro boy hugs.
    Dancing in my kitchen to my earworm du jour.
    Taking pictures.