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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tricky one

The girl and I are playing a new game. She calls it telling jokes but really it is a guess who I am kind of game. One of us gives a few clues about who we are thinking of and the other has to guess. We played the game on and off all day.

We started this morning with who is it that has a big, big head, glasses and is a daddy (the husband, obviously) moved onto who is it that makes pizza, has white hair and has a cat (my dad) and finished with who is it that is yellow, likes honey and has a friend Piglet (Pooh Bear!).

I am impressed with the girl's learning curve. We keep saying to each other okay, this is a tricky one. At first they really weren't that tricky. But as the day has progressed she started making them more complicated, taking them places I wasn't expecting.

She amazes me.

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