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Friday, January 15, 2010


1. Because he is kind.

2. Because he thinks I'm funny.

3. Because his jokes are mostly funny.

4. Because he told me he had never met anyone like me before and he meant it in a good way.

5. Because he is also a vegetarian.

6. Because he loves me just as much as I love him.

7. Because he loves the kids like crazy.

8. Because he will tell the girl long, convoluted stories about purple kangaroos going grocery shopping in order to distract her while he dresses her in her snow suit.

9. Because he has become less controlling about me cooking in the kitchen.

10. Because he lets me use "his" laptop to blog even though it means he can't play his video games.

11. Because he feeds the cat and changes the litter box.

12. Because even though he has a strange aversion to eating fruit he hasn't tried to turn the children against it.

13. Because he cares about other people's feelings.

14. Because he strives everyday to be a good dad.

15. Because he will reserve trashy magazines from the library for me and pick them up on his way home from work.

16. Because even though he was nervous he still traveled to St.Petersburgh with me.

17. Because he puts up with me when I am tired and cranky.

18. Because he will sometimes write down things he thinks I will like as a gift months before my birthday or Christmas.

19. Because he was a stay-at-home-day with the girl for a year and he will be again soon.

20. Because he loved our house the moment he walked up the front steps.

21. Because he will plan our future with me.

22. Because he lets me call him at work and cry to him in the middle of the day if I need to.

23. Because he tells me I am a good mom even when I don't feel like it.

24. Because he tells me I am beautiful even when I don't feel like it.

25. Because he thinks that taking care of two kids all day is a valid reason for the house to be a mess when he gets home.

26. Because he gets up most mornings with the boy at 4am.

27. Because he moved to Winnipeg to be with me.

28. Because he moved to Ottawa with me when I got a job.

29. Because he works to be patient.

30. Because he has brought me cupcakes after a long day.

31. Because he lets me read in bed even though he is trying to fall asleep.

32. Because he married me.

33. Because he finished painting the house while I was pregnant with the girl and forgot to go back and paint where the painters tape had been.

34. Because he encourages me and supports me.

35. Because he listens to me talk about things that are important to me.

36. Because likes to spend time with me.

37. Because he always tries.

Happy birthday.


  1. what a wonderful post to your man. happy bday to the husband.

  2. What a lovely tribute. :)

    Happy birthday Capital Dad!

  3. Fabulous! Happy birthday capital dad!

  4. Wow there were some very heart felt warm birthday wishes to your husband- hope the two of you enjoy or family enjoys!

  5. So nice! I also have a strange aversion to fruit by the way - unless it's peeled and cut up! ;)

  6. That is better than any card- all the best to him :)

    PS- Write an email to the trustee in your zone (the link on my post has a list of them with a map of where the zones are). I would remind them that its an election year and you will be watching how they vote on the 26th ;)

  7. Your husband sounds amazing! This list made me tear up because a lot of them reminded me of my own husband, who will be turning 36 soon. A great way to show your appreciation; I might have to steal this idea!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to Capital Dad...
    This is such a lovely idea.
    As I was reading it, I was thinking less about how Jason measures up to this list and more about how I do - in the sense that if these qualities make your husband an awesome husband, it stands to reason that similar qualities would make me an awesome partner. Thanks for sharing and for giving me something to think about.

  9. I like the last one the bestest!

    Happy Birthday!

  10. You write so beautifully. I'm sure the husband thought this was better than any gift. Rena

  11. AW MAN...too bad he's taken!! :D Happy BIRTHDAY!!