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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lists of ten

I was kindly tagged twice recently and it has taken me much too long to complete the memes. A Sunday morning seemed like the perfect time.

Here are two lists.

Ten things that make me happy from April at Lifeslightlyused.

1. My family, of course. That was an easy one.

2. My new (used) snowpants. I bought them before Christmas and they have made the walks to and from school much more bearable.

3. My new glasses. I bought them just after Christmas. The prescription was only slightly different but it was nice to have a new style of glasses after five years.

4. Blogging. I am coming up on one year of blogging now and I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through these months without it. It made me feel less lonely some days.

5. The thought of spring. I am holding fast to the idea that there is only two more months of winter. I have decided that spring will start in March this year. You're welcome.

6. My new hangout. There is a cafe near the girl's school and I have been stopping there almost everyday after dropping her off at school. The boy has taken to falling asleep on the walk so I have been letting him sleep and sitting and drinking a latte in silence. Bliss.

7. Reading. I have read some excellent books lately. I am also excited to be joining my first book club and getting together with some other women to discuss these books. And hopefully eat.

8. Food. I love food. I love good food. In fact, nothing makes me less happy then bad food. Especially if I have had to pay for it.

9. An afternoon off. Yesterday I went to see a movie by myself. This was the second time I have done this is six months and I loved it. I sat by myself laughing and munching my popcorn.

10. Planning. I am a big planner. There is something exciting about planning an project. In this case, I have started planning my trip to NYC for BlogHer'10. It is nice to have something to look forward to. And since the husband is going to fly out and join me for a few days after the conference ends, there is lots to look forward to.

Ten secrets from Emily at Emily's Latest

1. I think I actually like my house messy. I am coming to the conclusion that a state of chaos must in fact be a comfort to me because I seem so reluctant to clean up. And when it is tidy (i.e. when my mother-in-law is visiting) my mind doesn't know how to process what I see.

2. I ate cookies for breakfast. I figured since it was 5:30 am I can eat whatever I want for breakfast.

3. I wear my hair in a ponytail everyday. I guess if you've seen me in person that isn't really a secret, but maybe you were under the impression that I was only wearing my hair in a ponytail that day.

4. I plan to plot out on a map all of the vegetarian restaurants the husband and I want to eat at in NYC and then make a schedule of what we will eat when. I may even choose our hotel based on the proximity to the largest number of restaurants. I will probably plan this over a period of a few months.

5. I buy most of the kids clothes second hand.

6. I would like to branch out from cupcakes and learn to make donuts. I read somewhere that donuts are the new cupcakes.

7. One of my best memories is when the husband ate half a cantaloupe after dinner at my dad and stepmother's because he was trying to make a good impression and didn't want to tell them he didn't eat fruit. I laughed and laughed inside.

8. I used to be afraid of colour but now our house is full of bright colours. They make me happy.

9. I don't miss living in Winnipeg, but I miss the beauty of the Prairies. The sunsets on the Prairies are like no where else.

10. I get a thrill every time someone leaves a comment on my blog. Thank you.


  1. I love the lists. I love your blog. It's so refreshing to read. I love the pureness of your posts. I love that you don't seem fake, like so many others. You don't sound like you're holding back what you REALLY want to say, and that must be because you really are saying what you want to say. I love that. Keep up the awesome blogging. :o)

  2. I loved your lists, your husband eating the melon made me laugh! ;0)

  3. We don't miss living in Winnipeg either. (Just don't tell my mother - she is still in denial!)

    Good to see on Twitter you found Winnipeg" Love & Hate... awesome blog. Awesome photos.

  4. Oh, I love your vegetarian tourist planning! I totally do that, too. I had all our meals planned when we went out west - making sure to hit the top vegetarian restaurants!

  5. Seriously I so want spring to hit Canada by march FOR SURE!

    Snow pants ... that is a wicked great idea for the walk to school!

  6. 1. Here is a thrill for you. I am in to please.
    2. Aren't snowpants the absolute best? I bought a pair of waterproof wind pants when I lived in BC (for hiking - articulated knee panels!) - they followed me to Ottawa and were a bit of an embarrasment sometimes when I worked on Parliament Hlll - sometimes the swish swish didn't so much fit in and stand out badly. but hey. I was warm. The day I got splashed from head to toe and WAS DRY at the end of it, I laughed in glee.
    3. Where do you eat when you do eat out in Ottawa? I find good restaurants few and far between. Have you been to ZenKitchen yet? Watching their tv show right now as I type and thinking of you.
    4. Blogher? Wow! NYC, even. So fun! I have great aspirations of a fabric getaway at some point there.
    5. What have you been reading lately?
    6. How did you get your book club started? I have been in a bookclub since Jan 2007 - my second club actually, and it's with total strangers but it works well. Only complaint? We have tea and a sweet rather than food and wine but it sure takes the pressure off when it's my turn to host.
    7. My house is never clean. Ever. I'm hoping that when we do our addition we'll have a bit more space and things won't seem to cluttered.
    8. But who am I kidding, we'll likely just have more stuff.
    9. I'm more scared of the renovation project we're undertaking soon than anything we've ever tackled. But also so very excited.
    10. I really do want to reschedule our night out soon. Please be in touch!

  7. That was ablog entry in itself. ! woops!

  8. The book club will be wonderful :) And, yes, you will be able to eat!!

    Please be sure to call me when you get on those donuts - I would definitely be into that!!

    I hope I have given you another thrill by leaving a message - you sure are easy to please . . .

  9. i tripple heart NYC. you are gonig to have the best time. and going to blogher is the bonus! i love going to movies by myself. i need to book some time off to see one soon.

  10. oooh, I love secrets...yours are pretty good! :D What could be better than baked sweet dough???!!! Well, FRIED sweet dough of COURSE!! mmmm, how much fun to come up with different flavored glazes?!! Let me know when you find a good recipe!!
    BlogHer...HOW EXCITING for you!! And I TOTALLY agree with EVERYTHING Mee2 said...FOR REAL!! I had a really bad Saturday...waaaaayy down, and was going to write you to cheer myself up...but I ended up hiding in my bed and watching Twilight, instead. I guess just the thought of KNOWING I could write you and whine about my bad day was enough!! :D Happy Monday!!

  11. love the lists and blog - will be back much more often soon :)