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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have never had business cards. I was never high enough up in the chain of command to validate the expense. I did try making some early on with the printer at work. Let's just say that they looked handmade and they didn't get much use.

I am starting to wish I had some business cards now. Some mommy cards.

There have been times when I am out at the park or playgroup and meet another mom that I like and think oh, I should give her my number or my email. But of course I never have a pen and I never have paper, so I don't. I think to myself don't bother, you'll see her tomorrow at the park or next week at playgroup.

But then sometimes I don't.

Today I ran into a mom and daughter at the museum that I haven't seen since summer. I would see them everyday. We always talked. The kids played together. Then they were gone. I thought maybe our schedules just weren't crossing. That the cold weather meant they weren't coming to the park anymore. That I would see them again in the spring.

Turns out they moved. Shortly after the last time I saw them she and her husband decided to split and she relocated to another city. Today she told me that she looked for me in the two weeks before they left. Our paths never crossed. They moved.

I am so glad our paths crossed today. Even thought the boy was fussing in the stroller and her daughter was trying to drag her towards the elevator, I begged a pen and paper from the museum staff and gave her all my information.

Next time I will have cards. And I will force them on everyone.


  1. Cards are good! I got cards done at Vistaprint (well, I get my postcards for my artwork done there). They're fast and fairly inexpensive, even considering I upload a custom design. They are always having "sales" for free cards, where you just pay shipping.
    Plus, then you can enter those fishbowl contests at restaurants for free meals :)

  2. They are super easy to do yourself, and you can just take the file to Staples and have them printed cheaply - same day, cute and everything. I have used Microsoft publisher many times to make small calling cards, and I have very little design experience. Drop me an email if you want more info.

    The job I have now is one of the first I have never had cards. We all share the same card and fill in the appropriate name. Cost and paper efficient.

  3. I will make you some cards for free :)

    I just print them at home and add a stamp to them. E-mail me and tell me what info you want on it and what kind of stamp you might like - I have a flower on mine.

    Although my cards are for my craft business, I often give them out to mom's I meet b/c it has my e-mail and my phone number on it!

  4. That's so great that you met again! Meant to be. :) I've often wanted to exchange info with some people I've met but I'm shy, and felt silly. But if I had a cute card, maybe I'd want to pass them out!

  5. I got free cards from Vistaprint for just this reason. Now if I run into someone I can easily hand over my contact info. Or, they're also handy if I just want to write something on the back, because who ever has clean paper on hand? I don't.

  6. Mommy cards are a SUPER idea!! I think you should advertise!! Design a few "examples" at home...find a place you like to get printing done....and sell, sell, sell!! Instant home business! You go girl!!

  7. Today I was in the same boat!! I tried to write my number down on the back of a receipt but the ink in my pen must have been frozen from being in the car!

  8. Love the Mommy Cards idea. Totally fab. Off to Vistaprint I go.

  9. FYI - I'm having a business cards giveaway on my blog soon so stay tuned! :)

  10. Honestly, I sometimes feel stupid with my cards, like people would think 'who are you that you *need* cards?' and would rather just scribble something down.

    I'm weird like that though :)

    So happy that your paths crossed again.

  11. I keep wanting to get Moo cards. They're super fun, you can have each one be a different photo, or all the same, and I don't think their super expensive. Although Shannon's offer sounds pretty good too :)

  12. What a great idea!! Wish I had thought of that when my kids were young!

    Just happened upon your blog. Awesome.

  13. Moo cards .... seriously. I ordered some and probably will not give them all out but it is so nice to be able to hand it to other parents and say, "Email me" :) Plus, I did it so one of my three kids were on them so depending which kid/contact then they remember why they got some other mom's card!

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