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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bug off

I'm sick. That bug that ravaged the house for the last few weeks is finally having its way with me. Stupid bug.

It came over me suddenly yesterday. As soon as the husband got home I climbed into bed and stayed there all night, emerging only to help get the kids to sleep. I thought I was fine when I woke this morning (after a very long night where the boy was up because of teething and the girl was up because somehow the heating vents downstairs got shut and her room got overheated as a result) but that only lasted half an hour. The husband had to stay home from work and watch the kids while I lay in bed.

Thankfully I haven't thrown up. I couldn't handle that. After being so sick with the girl and the boy I am happy to never, ever throw up again.

I feel a little bad for not having more sympathy for the husband when he was sick. I really should have. Because this sucks.

I hope to be better tomorrow. I need to be better by Saturday because I am hosting a Pampered Chef party and at this point I have serious concerns that my house will ever be clean enough for other people to enter it.


  1. NO!! Why do the moms always get it last? It's brutal - happens that way with me too :(

    Get well soon, rest when you can.

    p.s. no one cares if your house is clean. REALLY.

  2. Awe sweetie I hope you feel better soon! Fluids and rest..I know, kind of a oxymoron when it comes to us mommies.

  3. That SUCKS!! Time to rally the troops...ask for some help cleaning..really! And don't worry, they will call on you when they need you, that IS what friends are for, right? Get better!! My 7 yo had 104 degree temp...but it is going down already, but it is going to be a lllloooonnnngggg night! P.S. If I lived in Ottawa, I'd come help you clean your house! :D

  4. Sending healthy thoughts your way. Being sick sucks, but it sucks doubly when you're a mom and you have little kids to take care of.

  5. Seriously, Shannon is right! Don't waste energy cleaning! Feel better soon. Can I bring anything Saturday?