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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday things

Thursday night we sang the husband Happy Birthday at the dinner table in preparation for the next day. The girl and I sang while the boy bopped along to the music and the husband sat there looking pleased. We came to the end of the song and I was about to do a yay daddy shout out when the girl screamed French! I have a feeling that is what her teachers do at school when all the kids are singing to the birthday boy or girl. French! So we continued singing verse number two. The husband still looked pleased. Bonne FĂȘte!


I gave the husband a choice. Cupcakes or ice cream cake. He choose ice cream cake. He would have really liked a Dairy Queen ice cream cake but there isn't one near us. So he got a homemade one instead.

I bought the graham cracker crumbs and ice cream Thursday night. The girl asked about making the cake all day on Friday. And by all day I mean before breakfast, at breakfast, after breakfast, on the way to school, after I picked her up from school, on the way home from school, etc. We finally made it in the early afternoon, after giving the ice cream a chance to soften.

Making an ice cream is simple. I mixed the graham cracker crumbs with yogurt and then put it in a pie pan. I opened the carton of ice cream, gave the girl a spoon and tried not to watch too closely. One for her mouth, one for the pan seemed to be the pattern. She kept asking me can I put a little bit in my mouth mama? I was feeling benevolent so I said yes. I also realized the fruitlessness of saying no so I said yes.

The girl was very pleased with her cake. As soon as the husband walked through the door I was requested to take it out of the freezer. She carefully carried it down the hallway to the front door to show him.


The husband took the kids on Saturday so I could run some errands. When they came home the girl let me know right away that they had brought me a present. A cupcake. A chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing.

I offered to share. Since the kids had already seen it I figured there was no way I could hide it and sneak upstairs to eat it in the comfort of my bedroom. So, I offered to share.

The boy was none to pleased. I held out the cupcake to him so he could take a bite. He shook his head and started yelling. I tried again. He tried to grab the cupcake as if he wanted to hide it and sneak upstairs and eat it in the comfort of his bedroom. When I said no again he started to wail.

He walked across the room and bent down until he was in downward dog and wailed.


  1. I was definitely more than pleased with the birthday song (both versions!) - it was a really special moment. And, the homemade cake was way better than anything Dairy Queen churns out!

    Best. Family. In. The World!

  2. I always say I am going to put a sign on my daughter will work for candy. It amazes me what they will do for and how they act for candy/cookies/cupcakes/cake. Glad the birthdays were great!

  3. I am so glad that my second child was born in August, so that I can justify a DQ ice cream cake for his birthday every year. Or at least until he's old enough to tell me otherwise. ;)

  4. Yum, ice cream cake.

    I could not promise that I wouldn't portion the ice cream in the same manner your daughter did: a spoon for the pan, a spoon for my mouth.

    I hope you still managed to enjoy your share of the cupcake, even with your son's theatrics.

  5. Know what is better than an ice cream cake?? ICE CREAM CUPCAKES!! With a hard chocolate shell used for the "cup"....mmmmmm I had one of these at my friend's, she said it came from Cold Stone Creamery....I WILL HAVE THESE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! mmmmmmm!!