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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spot of joy

In the midst of yesterday's shoplifting accusations and my frustration with the boy's napping schedule (seriously, why is he incapable of being transferred from his stroller to his crib. These naps are going to be the end of me) there was a spot of joy.

Amy from Muddy Boots tweeted about an amazing video a mom from New York posted on YouTube. My kids are now in love with it. We watched it, oh, twelve times yesterday. In the afternoon the girl was wandering around asking for the Baby Mamas. It took me awhile to realize that that was what she was asking for.

The boy is especially in love with it. I was sitting at the computer this morning when he climbed up into my lap and started pointing at the screen. Do you want to watch the video I asked. Ah! he said. Unfortunately the video needed time to load and since I didn't want to sit waiting the whole time I decided to vacuum. Which I only just managed to do with him screaming on my hip while gesturing to the kitchen where the computer was. His displeasure was extreme.

Today I have watched the video five times already with the kids. The last time I had one kid sitting on each knee. The boy likes to point at all the babies in the video. I asked him Whose my baby? He raised his arm, turned his hand towards himself and pointed at his chest.

My baby. Not for much longer.


  1. I haven't seen the video yet (really slow internet at home!) but our son thinks every time we sit at the computer we are going to watch the Swedish Chef or other Muppets clips on Youtube!

  2. I just put the boy down for bed, but once I'm sure he's conked out I'm going to watch this. I'm tired of "The Elmo Song" :)

  3. Bree, just beautiful.

    I just read your shoplifting post too, they are *crazy* and obviously not parents.