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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Why is it that once the kids
are better I fall apart?
No more coughing,
no more vomiting,
still some runny noses but
no energy for me.
I want to lie in bed all day
under the covers with a
book and a cup of tea.
Hide away from their
sudden energy.

They are better,
restored to their
loving selves
and I find myself
missing the sickness already.


  1. Cause you are exhausted from taking care of them!

  2. I bet your energy level will return after a few days and *maybe* a little bit of rest. I bet January will be a fantastic month for you guys!!

  3. Burn out. Try to give in if you can. You deserve it. Holidays are hard enough on their own without the added stress of sick kids. Try and take care of yourself and know that it's okay to feel rotten. Kids are tough even when we are on our A game. When we're tired it seems impossible.

  4. oh gosh. i hope things level out soon and there is a period of health and no sickness and sleep and rest and general happy things. here's to 2010.

    hope you are better my friend.

  5. with Christine - burn out - you've done nothing but do and worry all the time the kids were sick - when they aren't the stress goes and so does the stress induced energy - of course you want to curl up and should for a t least a day if you can - give yourself a break. You more than deserve it.