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Monday, December 21, 2009


It's coming on Christmas

My sister was here for a pre-Christmas visit. She arrived on Saturday while the girl and I were having brunch at a diner down the street. Just the two of us. The girl had a great time with her favorite menu of eggs, grilled cheese sandwich and orange juice. We read books and watched the people.

On our way out we had to pass by the dessert case. I was asked to name all the different types of dessert. Then she instructed me to head towards the exit while she walked behind the display case. I tried to reason with her in an attempt to avoid a scene. When she managed to open the display case door one of the cooks came over and had words with her. She listened. We left.

They're cutting down trees

We bought the third to last tree for sale in the grocery store lot. It went straight into into the tree stand once we got home. I set aside all the non-breakable ornaments, ribbon and lights on the dining room table. The girl, helped by her brother, quickly placed the ornaments on the tree. She had been promised that she could open the presents her aunt had brought once the tree was decorated. She's not a big fan of waiting. Neither am I.

Once her two presents were open she went looking for more. It caused me to pause and reflect on the wisdom on Hanukkah. Spreading the presents out seems like a much better idea then the wild frenzy I am anticipating will take place here on Christmas morning.

They're putting up reindeer and singing songs of joy and peace

The girl didn't seem too impressed with the book and the sweatshirt her aunt gave her. She didn't want to read the book. She didn't want to wear the sweatshirt. Sunday morning the girl told the husband that "he could give them back to Daka and she can give them to another little girl".

She did eventually read the book. After twenty-four hours she tried on the sweatshirt. She wore it for most of Sunday afternoon and evening. While she watched a video with my sister, while making gingerbread houses/ cookies and while eating dinner. Before her bath she asked if her aunt was still going to be here the next day. "Yes" said my sister "but I have to go home tomorrow". "Then I don't want this anymore" said the girl as she ripped her sweatshirt off.

I wish I had a river

My sister left around noon. We had spent a quiet morning inside due to a feverish boy and a girl with a very runny nose. As soon she was out the door I frantically thought of crafts we could do. I settled on making Christmas tree ornaments out of the pictures from our Beatrix Potter calendar. The boy enjoyed hanging the ornaments on the tree. The girl enjoyed cutting up the ribbon.

At one point she was wondering around holding a pair of scissors over her head. "Be careful" I said "you don't want to cut your hair off". "I do!" she said. The girl raised her right hand,, which was holding the scissors and cut off a good chunk of her long blond hair. I caught the hair before it fell away. I took away the scissors. There were tears. There was a discussion about listening.

I could skate away on

As always, many thanks to Joni for her beautiful music. Especially River.


  1. what a day of ups and downs for you. Hugs

  2. eeps ... Christmas is so hard on little ones all this anticipation is totally rough!

  3. Beautiful and oh so sad. maybe melancholy would be better...

  4. I love that song.

    And I had a similar incident with hair. I admit it, I cried and so did she.

  5. Uh oh... something about girls and hair...

    Hope she listens.. and hope you have better days.

  6. Brie ;)
    Holidays are filled with expectations and unmeant expectations, try not to focus on those in the latter.

    So beautifully written, as always.

  7. i love that song... (sarah mclachlan sings it too)

    i love how you gave this post a sound track...

    hair grows back...

    christmas is always before you know it...

    hang in...

  8. I didn't mean to make it come across as so sad. That may be due to the song choice. But I did want a record of her. How she is just her.

  9. I love this beautiful. Hope Santa puts lots of patience in your stocking this year...mine too!

  10. Sounds like it was the kind of day where someone should have delivered you a frosted cupcake and a hot beverage.