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Monday, December 14, 2009

Meme me

Erin tagged me for a past, present and future meme that I have been meaning to do for awhile now. So I am grabbing this moment while the girl is absorbed in the Backyardigans and the boy is dutifully sitting beside her.

Thanks Erin!

Past: Things I miss....
- sleep
- swearing out loud
- disposable income
- traveling
- spending an hour trying to decide where to go to dinner and then actually going and tasting my food
- being bored

Present: Things I love....
- the girl, the boy and the husband
- our house
- being at home with the kids (I know, I know but I still love it)

Future: I look forward to...
- sleep
- traveling with the kids and knowing that I/ they will still get sleep on the road
- having the energy to spend more time with friends
- spring and summer
- seeing who the kids become

What are you loving today?


  1. I loved spending the day shopping with a very dear friends and her wee one...

    Snow on the trees.

  2. Bree, I'm loving you! You can always express what I've been feeling so well.

    A big ditto on Spring and Summer.

  3. I am loving my rest before the baby comes. Although I am pretty rested and READY KID, GET OUT!!! LOL

  4. I love that one of the things you miss is "being bored." The next time I am about to complain about boredom, I'll remember that having enough unscheduled, unbusy time to feel bored is a luxury. Also, "swearing out loud," I'm having doubts that I'll be able to filter my potty mouth when the time comes. As it is, I frequently catch myself muttering "shit" after I realize that I just swore in front of my niece, in for a penny in for a pound, I guess.

  5. Thanks so much for playing along!!! Sleep seems to be a recurring sleep in all of these posts!

  6. Um. Obviously I need sleep. I meant sleep seems to be a recurring theme in all these posts. Maybe I should go to bed.