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Thursday, December 10, 2009


The walk to the girl's school takes about fifteen minutes. If I hustle I can make it in ten. When the city is under siege by a windy, howling snowstorm the time doubles and I begin to question my sanity.

Yesterday I set off not once, but twice to the girl's school. I walked down sidewalks that had yet to be plowed and pushed the stroller over foot high snowbanks. On the way home I contemplated abandoning the stroller by the side of the road. With the kids in it. Twice.

Last winter I found the walks to school tough. One of the kids was always crying by the time we got home. But then again, that happened almost anytime we went out last winter. I blame the mitts they have to wear in order not to freeze their fingers because they prevent them from eating snacks and thus making the time pass faster.

This year she is at school five days a week and the idea of making the school trip on cold, snowy days has given me pause to reflect on the wisdom of sending her to school. I thought about taking her back down to three days but then I had an epiphany. Snow days. When a blizzard is overtaking us I will just call a snow day. We will then make the short walk to the museum and hide out there for the morning. Because, even if there is a storm surrounding us, there is no way I am spending the whole day inside with the two of them. I will go crazy.

This means that cold, snowy school walks will be taking place most days. I anticipate that much profanity will be muttered under my breath. But it will be worth it. She loves school. He and I get to spend some time together just the two of us at playgroups or the museum. Plus I get an awesome workout pushing over 50 pounds in a stroller through mounds of snow.

Winter, I am giving you three months. After that I may not be so nice anymore.


  1. You're far braver than I! With the school buses cancelled yesterday and me being almost 37 weeks pregnant there was no way I was walking the 15 minutes (good weather travel time) to get them there. So, they stayed in their pjs, watched movies & even did some workbooks.

  2. This is the problem with winter - it can stick around for just way, way too long. Here's to an early spring!

  3. You took a stroller out? Maybe a sled with retractable wheels? We wimped out and waited in the 20 minute drop off line for late start school today. Sorry again Mother Earth!

  4. Do they make "snow tires" for strollers? Ya know we don't have these kinds of problems so I am just fascinated by it! I think snow days are in order for the harsh weather days!

  5. Three months is far more generous than I would be! ;)

  6. I was thinking of you this morning because I am without the car today and even though I trekked off in the double stroller yesterday to get kid j to daycare, I just couldn't handle it two days in a row. J was vibrating with excitement during the bus adventure and toddler e stayed in the stroller longer than J ever would have at that age. There is no snow (yet), which is good because I do not have a stroller that could handle accumulation never mind a snow bank. Nevertheless I am truly lazy. We could have got there. We would have to if we didn't have a car. Sometimes I ignore global warming (me and Harper are alike in this way I fear) and just take the kids out in the car. With the car I can be my disorganized self, but if I had to rely on strollers and transit, I'd have to be a much better packer and on top of my life more. I am in awe of you.

  7. Snow days are a blessing.
    We walk to school every day ... I love Saturdays and Sundays!