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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For a friend

We all break sometimes.
In half.
Into thousands of tiny little pieces.
If we are lucky the break is clean.
The pieces are in front of us and can be
welded, glued, taped or willed back together.

The worst is when we break from the inside.
When we fall apart like a rotted pumpkin.
When the weight of demands
placed on top, beside and underneath us
cause us to collapse.
When our spirit is broken.

We have all been there.
We have picked up our pieces and
tried to put them back together.
This is harder to do now. With kids.
There isn't the time. The energy.
But we try.
Most of the time we succeed.
I know she will.


  1. I've been there (and sort-of still am), and I can say to your friend that I know too she will get there, as will I.

  2. I really hope that you know how brilliant a writer you are. I'm there too - beautiful piece, describes it perfectly. Your friend is very lucky to have someone who understands it all so well.

  3. Exactly...
    She'll get through it, it just takes time.

  4. As long as she has you...she will be ok!!

  5. always nice to hear we are not alone in our sufferings.