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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bedtime tradition

The husband gives them their bath every night. Can I call you? the girl asks before she heads upstairs. Yes I say.

From the top of the stairs she calls out We're ready! They hang onto the gate and wait in anticipation for me to appear. Wet hair, wet bodies they squeal when they see me.

You are a tiger, mama she says. A silly tiger. Or a scary tiger. I walk up the stairs giggling or growling. They scream and run away down the hallway. I am expected to follow and chase them.

Sunday night they were both too sick to play our game. No blond heads met me at the top of the stairs.

Yesterday they were better. Ready to run and chase and squeal.

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  1. It is SO much better when they are better - life returns to normal and you feel "whole" again.

    Blond heads? So yours are blond and you have dark hair - same here. I get the "are they all yours" all the time from complete strangers.

    Hope everyone is feeling completely back to normal by Christmas Eve!