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Friday, December 18, 2009

Because I am not the only one

Amber left a comment on my last post that cause me to pause and think. Maybe I need to start my coffee and cupcake business a little bit before schedule. Because I am not the only one that could use a little comfort some mornings/ afternoons/ evenings.

So tell me. Are you sleep deprived because your toddler wants to party all night? Does your three year old sometimes drive you crazy with her attempts to negotiate a cookie transaction like it is the Suez Crisis? Or is your teenagers dating someone you hate? Are you overwhelmed by the presents you still have to buy, the baking that still needs to get done and the gift that you are sure you hid somewhere in the house but can't find?

Leave me a comment letting me know what wall you are hitting right now or what situation is making you desperate for me to show up on your doorstep with a coffee and a cupcake. I can't promise that will happen, but I will randomly pick one comment left below on Tuesday night (say at 9pm before I go to bed) and will send that person a (knit*) cupcake and coffee for one. I will ship internationally, but if you live in Ottawa I will also show up on your doorstep with a dozen iced chocolate cupcakes.

Because coffee and a cupcake may not make everything all better but it sure will help.

* Just in case anyone thought I was at all crafty, I'm really not. The cupcake is knit but not by me. I bought it at a craft show and tucked it away. I must have known that mothers around the world were in desperate need of cupcakes.


  1. Between the two babies I'm up at least 4-6 times between my bed time and when I finally drag myself out of bed in the morning. Kiernan has recently started waking up with nightmares at 1 or 2 am and needing attention for lengthy periods of timeto go back to sleep. I think I could probably count the amount of times I've slept for longer than 2.5 hours in a row on my hands. I very very tired.

  2. ok seriously how sweet are you?!?! What a grand idea. I am going to knit some cupcakes (someday!) to randomly send to people.

    At the moment I have two softies to sew, 4 slippers to knit, 5 set of PJs and a little bit of wrapping to complete all the while being cheerful and not anxious! Pretty minor compared to most I suppose.

    Fa La La

  3. You are so lovely...just to vent though...I have done no Christmas Shopping, My parents moved to France to live for the rest of their lives three days ago and I haven't heard if they got there or not, I have to organise an interstate move in a month on an insnaely small budget and I have two children to remain happy for over Christmas while I fall apart inside...Oh and the majority of my friends are overseas, interstate or online..So practical support nil, emotional support more.
    Ok, now to get on with the day. Sigh.

  4. Ok now I feel like a huge winger...apologies.

  5. Oh my goodness, you are the sweetest EVER! If you do decide to make the business official I will join you as a baker. I love to make cupcakes...or I could provide pie :).

    Lately the majority of our frustrations around here are due to negotiations. Every time we ask Captain Jelly Belly or Gal Smiley to do something, it's always, "I don't want to! Not now! Just five more minutes! I want something else! I want to watch something else! Whatever she wants to do, I don't want to do!"

    Ugh, I just gave myself an ulcer typing that.

    They're constantly trying to figure out how to get more treats, stay up later, and screw the other one out of watching TV. It's very hard. I have to keep reminding myself that sticking to the rules and finding the energy to enforce them will show them, eventually, that I did love them. That I cared enough to make them grow up into decent human beings and not hooligans.

    But it takes a LOT of reminding.

    Next up: toilet training the Little Miss (GAHHHHHHH).

  6. hmmm... we all have different levels of stress. I complain to my mom all the time about how it is with a toddler. She says our kid reminds her of my brother... GREAT! How did you cope Mom? Well, her answer is that she didn't think she would live to see him enter kindergarden.

    After the last week of the first molar arriving, I am not sure I will live to see the new year!

    Knit cupcake? Super cute! I wish I could still remember how to knit.

  7. My husband has been away on business for what seems like months (but in reality it`s only been on and off since mid-November). Baby girl is teething... again. Relatives of my husband, form out of town, decided to personally deliver Christmas gifts today on their way to the airport. They humbly waited for their gifts... which I didn`t have until I went upstairs and shoved the first box of chocolates I found into the best looking second hand gift bag I could find. I decided to make sugar cookies for a playdate and burned them. I showed up with store bought sugar cookies that went untouched to everyones homemade goodies. And I can`t knit worth a darn.... I can crochet, but I`ve bene working on the same blanket pattern for four years.

    Happy Holidays (you are a sweet person).

  8. With our overseas travelling, our daughter has totally regressed on the potty training and COULDN'T BE BOTHERED to use the toilet even though she is 3 3/4 and perfectly capable of everything involved. We are going through Pull-Ups like crazy and I am fed up, but with holiday travel coming it probably won't get any better.

    She also has regular volcanic tantrums. One night this week she screamed for half an hour on the porch of our daycare because she didn't want to put on her mittens.

    Your caffeine and sugar offer is super kind but the invitation to vent is even better :-)

  9. Teething! Teething, teething, teething. I really, really hate the teething.

  10. Please don't enter me, I just wanted to say you rock. :)

  11. You are so sweet! I really have nothing to complain about (yet). I am sure in a week or two I will be complaining about not sleeping and sore nipples or something fun like that :)

  12. That is fun! Hey, since we are in the same city (okay we're in Sun Prairie - but close)...I propose we just go to that fun cupcake restaurant on the East Side. But, terrible threes are making me fantasize about my Girls Gone Wild days a lot lately.

  13. I could so use some cupcakes right about now!

    38 weeks pregnant...scheduled for c-section on Dec 22...worried about being stuck in the hospital Xmas day and ruining it for my 2 older boys...not done shopping, wrapping, cleaning, tired because I don't sleep more than 3 hours at a time...been sick with a nasty cold for 2 weeks, the boys even longer.

    Thanks for the outlet to vent!

  14. OH you are a sweetheart.

    What do I want to whine about? ALL the whining!!! It's driving me batty. The fake crying and the whining. I have to leave the room so many times and count to ten so that I don't yell at him. It's taking every fiber of my being not to just walk out the door sometimes.

    Ahh, the joy of releasing some of the bitchiness. Thanks! ;-)

  15. The only one keeping me up all night is me. The irony being that I am obsessing over whether or not to sneak out to buy an EPT, because I can't wait to join the rest of you being kept up all night by your children. And here I had a BIG PLAN to just let nature take its course - I should have known better.

  16. Oh, I don't want to be entered to win, because most of these other ladies need a "pick me up" way more than I do...
    I just wanted to tell you what's been stressing me out lately. :)

  17. You are a doll. I think YOU deserve the cupcake. But how about a real one? And a real coffee?

  18. Don't enter me for cupcakes (I already feel like I've been in holiday eating mode for weeks) but may I just say that my big complaint is that I feel guilty about complaining about anything about my kids when I'm at the office away from them all day, 5 days a week? I feel like I should be much better at being patient, and engaged, and doing crafty stuff with them when I only get to see them for a few hours on 5 out of 7 days a week. (Well, a few hours not counting the hours and hours every night that my son tries to sleep on my head.)

  19. Ok, don't hate me but my kids are pretty good sleepers - but they are older now and I have BTDT and paid my dues with the non-sleeping nights. They are 5,4 and 2 and usually sleep pretty decently. But I love cupcakes and I really want you to deliver some to me and I could even pay you back in the form of home-made truffles :)

    A coffee and cupcake business? What - are you my soul mate? You could make coffee and cupcakes and I could bring the cards. Really, what more do people want? It's a win-win situation. LOVE IT.

  20. Rebecca @bitofmomsenseDecember 22, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    You are too sweet.

    Sleep of course - two kiddos who don't sleep through the night. Though, I know it could be worse - they don't stay up long when they do stir!

    Happy Holidays!!