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Friday, November 13, 2009

W & M

Sitting on the cold cement beside the leaf-strewn wading pool at the park, the girl picked up a purple piece of chalk and drew a letter. The first letter I have ever seen her draw.

Look, she said, W. W is for William.

She drew a letter for the boy from school. Her friend from the park. The one she likes to kiss.

Wow, I said. Stunned. Shocked that all of a sudden the letters she sees can now be formed by her own hand.

Can you draw an M? I ask.

Dragging the chalk up then down, up then down again she draws an M close to the W.

M she says. What is M for? she asks. She always asks for? what is that letter for?

M is for you I say.


  1. Sometimes I have nothing to say. I just wanted to share the smile on my face.

  2. "Mommy, what is relativity? Mommy who is Shakespeare? Mommy I want to join the Republican party."