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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


8 ways in which I cruelly torment my son

1. Change his dirty diapers

2. Dress him in clothes instead of letting him go naked all day

3. Dress him in his jacket and shoes to go out into the cold

4. Put him in the stroller instead of letting him walk

5. Make him sit in the highchair instead of on a regular chair like his sister

6. Not allow him to hold scissors

7. Take the thing he wants but shouldn't have away from him

8. Not attend to his every want immediately

I am mean like that. And believe me, he sure let's me know it. He may not have the words yet, but his grunts, moans and yells communicate his intents quite clearly.

He is lucky he is so cute.


  1. Sign me up for numbers 1-3. Also add anytime the words stop or no come out of my mouth!

  2. I torment my child in similar ways. The scissors, especially, would result in tears here, as would preventing my kid from climbing to dangerous heights on the furniture.

    Toddlers! They're little hooligans, I tell you.

  3. LOL I was driving to work this morning and I wrote (in my head) an almost copy of this post, only it is about tormenting an 4 and 8 year old. We moms just never get enough of driving our kids crazy!

  4. Get out of my head(and my house)!! :)

  5. Perfectly written - my daughter oddly enough at age nine still reacts that way to several of those things.