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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I love television. As in I L-O-V-E it. I could happily sit on the couch and watch television for hours. Remote in hand I can spend my time flipping through the channels, watching three shows at once. That's what commercials are for after all.

In fact, I love television so much that we decided to get ride of our cable almost two years ago. In those first few months after the girl was born television was a dangerous thing. If I sat down in front of it I could easily get sucked into one show after another when what I really should have been doing was sleeping. It was nice to be able to watch it during the marathon nursing session the girl would have, but when I found that she would no longer breastfeed once she could see the flicker of images on the screen I knew the cable had to go.

And I didn't really miss it. Instead I read a lot of books. I went to bed early, a necessity when I was pregnant with the boy. I actually spent time with the husband. Occasionally we would rent videos and watch them together. We still have a television and a (dying) Xbox that we use to play the girl's videos.

Now I have discovered how to download TV episodes off the Internet and I am hooked. The husband and I started watching True Blood and would faithfully sit together the night after a new episode aired and watch it on the computer screen. But that wasn't enough. I was looking for a better fix. I wanted something mindless to watch at the end of a long day to distract me my tiredness and frustrations. I found Glee and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Then I found Gossip Girl. An addict was born.

I have watched all of the first season and most of the second season in the last three weeks. I try to limit myself to two episodes a night. You know, because of still needing that stupid thing called sleep. If I could I would crawl in bed and sit under the covers watching a marathon of episodes. I probably would have before kids. Now that I am more mature and wise, I try to demonstrate restraint. And I don't think the husband would be totally on board with that plan.

I feel like such a Gossip Girl groupie, but I really do love the show. I started watching it not expecting very much but I have been pleasantly surprised by the writing and acting. The characters are amusing. The situations are sometimes silly, but always distracting. That is what I have been craving so much these days. Distractions. Some days I am eagerly anticipating the hour when I can sit on the couch and lose myself in another world. It is a balm after a hard day. Laughing, thinking of things outside my own world, not worrying about anything except the antics of Blair and Chuck.

So, if you are ever wondering why I haven't blogged in a day or two or three, I have been busy. With my distraction.


  1. There are worse distraction than watching television! I LOVE Glee and I have loved Gossip Girl, whenever I've seen it! (Oh, the clothes!!)

  2. Wow - I am so impressed you don't have cable. Husband and I have been discussing cutting our cable now for weeks . . . it is such a huge cost (we have a PVR too) and would save us nearly $100 a month. I find I either watch no TV b/c I'm so busy, or I get way too absorbed in it (like you mentioned) and I can't shut it off. I think I could live without no problem, but my husband worries about sports, and there are a few shows (esp. CBC) that my 2 older kids love watching.

    Hmmm. Food for thought though :) And I've never seen Gossip Girl - perhaps that is a crime ???? :)

  3. I am looking forward to being on leave to be able to watch more TV. But maybe that won't work out as I would like. You have to e-mail me with info on how to download episodes. There are so many shows I haven't watched that sound so good (True blood being one)

  4. TV... I get hooked on shows and like you I have no self-control. When I got into Supernatural I had to go out and buy the first three seasons (even after I d/led them off bittorrent.) Glee (which is on probation) and So You Think You Can Dance... love 'em.

    But I hate hate hate commercials, so I do the PVR thing/bit torrent. (best gadget EVER.)

  5. I'm SO with you. We have zero TV since the digital switch (too lazy to get a box) so all I get now are movies... and then I discovered Hulu (cue angels singing). I feel alive again! I watch Biggest Loser on Mondays and fold laundry. I watch Castle with my husband Tuesday nights. It's bliss!

    I'm currently arguing my way back into cable, though... I need Bravo and Food Network!!

  6. we lived without our satelite over the summer. we survived. but we are tv junkies and it has found it's way back into our lives. like crafty mom, the hubby needs his sports fix. and we download tonnes, so really, sports are the only reason why we pay $100 a month. crazy, non?

    L-O-V-E true blood. can't wait for season 3 to start.

  7. We lived without cable for a couple years. We watched a lot of tv series on dvd. I had to limit myself to two a night as well or I would want to watch and watch!

    The library has a TON of tv series on dvd. I am 356 for the first season of True Blood *sigh*

  8. Hi! Got your link from the Bloggers breakfast email and decided to drop by to take a look...

    I still have True blood pending in my "To-Do" list but you are so enthusiastic that I'll move it closer to the top of it!

    Regarding TV... Having three kids at home Treehoouse has been a great companion... I have to admit!

  9. I'm a total TV junkie too. Since we don't get out much anymore, it's our primary source of entertainment. The internet has really helped feed the habit -- we love to download whole seasons of shows we haven't seen before and catch up in a marathon. If you like Gossip Girl, may I recommend Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

    XOXO, Gossip Girl :)