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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sick boy

A fever has hit the house. And not a good kind of fever, like disco fever. The kind of fever that makes a fourteen month old cranky and lethargic.

We are in day three of the fever. It seems to come and go but still hasn't broken. The husband took him to the doctor this morning and it was pronounced just a a cold since the boy has yet to exhibit any flu like symptoms.

For just a cold it is sure having a big impact. Yesterday I couldn't put the boy down without cries of complaint. I wore him on my back as much as I could so I could make lunch and get some tidying done. I will admit that the cuddles on my chest are one side effect of the fever that I won't complain about. With his hot forehead pressed against my neck I have enjoyed wrapping my arms around him and comforting him. Even if my body head just contributes to making him hotter. I love my cuddles.

The baby drugs have been out in full force. I don't know where we would be without them. However, I would like to take this opportunity to lodge a complaint with the makers of baby Advil and Tylenol. Why, why can't you sell the bottles in six packs? I feel like we are always running out and having to rush to the store before it closes to buy another box. Six packs. Something to think about.

During breaks in the fever there have been some moments. Some cute boy moments where I get so excited about having him back to his energetic self. Like at lunch at a local dinner this afternoon where he enjoyed looking at all the other people and eating bits of food off his sister's plate. Or this afternoon when he finally lifted his head off my chest at the sound of the door opening and his grandmother's arrival. Following his sister down the hall, he demanded to be released from my arms so he could toddle towards her. His spunk was returned as he sat next to grandma and the girl on the couch requesting loudly and persistently that his book be the one that was read out loud.

I hope the fever breaks soon.


  1. Aww, nothing worst than a sick baby, I know... it's heartbreaking! But I agree, those cuddles that last forever are amazing... and seem to only really happen when they are sick! Hope he gets better soon! My little one is sick, too, with just a cold right now, and a bad cough... not fun!

  2. oh I hate it when the little ones get sick. It is so stressful! I hope he is feeling better today.

  3. I have had a sick 15-month-old recently, and it's just no fun. I hope that your little guy is back to his old self really soon!

  4. hope the fever has broken. i have to say, there is one good side to sickness, which is a lot of cuddles. but as nice as they are, isn't it the best when they burst through it and become themselves again? hoping things are good.

  5. Awww! I hope he's feeling better now and that the pesky fever has gone!

  6. Six packs! Oh that would be lovely! Not even Costco sells them in six packs, and trust me, I looked. We run out a lot too (teething sucks), so I buy two bottles at a time now.

    I wish you strength and perseverance, and for fevers to break soon. But I also wish for cuddles that never end! Cuddles, and hugs are the best. Our son just learned how to pucker his lips and "kiss". Its such a novelty right now, we get kisses all the time!

  7. Fevers used to freak me out when The Boy was a kid. I just felt so helpless... my I miss those snuggles.

    Hope he's on the mend soon.

  8. Many hugs - I hope it has passed. Yes Makers of baby panadol - 1 Litre bottles please!
    Hope he is all better now *hugs*