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Sunday, November 15, 2009


The days when she naps are easy. Not only because I get a break while they both sleep away part of the afternoon, but because she is happier. Without a nap she is often edgy, cranky, crazy. And then I become impatient, frustrated and crazy too.

The last two weeks she has been napping. Most days. This was probably a side effect of the sickness sweeping through the house but I was very appreciative, even if it meant having a sore throat that won't go away. She would go to bed later than normal, but even that I didn't mind because with a nap dinnertime was more enjoyable and calm. I like calm.

Last night she was awake for three hours in the night. She cried and yelled until one of us went to her room. Afraid the noise will wake the boy, we always go to her room. I lay beside her, rubbed her back and tried to get her to sleep. I dozed off for a bit but she stayed awake. Nothing would get her to sleep.

I gave up at the two hour mark and woke the husband to take over. I wish I could have let him sleep but I was about to snap. Like a dried out, dog-chewed stick. And after all that, being awake for hours in the night, she woke up at her regular time this morning and refused to nap today. Totally and completely.

The husband and I made it through the day and only fought three times. It is easy to fight over the smallest things when you are tired. He is already in bed. I will be soon too.

First I have to build an alter to the nap god, wish upon the nap star and write a letter to the nap fairy. Any other suggestions? Because I really, really, really want her to nap tomorrow.


  1. I like building the alter for the nap gods ;)

    Does she stay in her bed - looking at books? Play a CD? - sometimes down time (for you both) is good enough. Henry plays with Legos for a hour, sometimes color... I'm not ashamed to say, I'll be napping.

  2. Gravol.

    Or take her outside tomorrow (weather and health permitting) AND RUN HER RAGGED.

    Good luck. *grin*

  3. Oh...I want to build one of those alters!! :) We had such a WILD week I am worried that we won't be able to get back on what was passing as a normal nap "schedule", this week!! Hope you have some luck!! :)

  4. My daughter use to refuse to nap too. We had movie time in the afternoon. I'd pick a long movie and then we'd both snuggle up on the couch. She'd fall asleep after a bit and sometimes I would too or I'd sneak up and manage to get a few things done.

  5. Last week our son decided sleep was the for weak. Today, he gave up and is down for his second nap, the teething is getting the better of him.

    Chatting with my mom her only advise is the same as Amy. Keep them busy, make them tired. Our son is not the first in the family to do this.

    Good luck. I hope the week gets better :)

  6. We have quiet time. It was established when my daughter then 3 was not able to nap without having nighttime issues (like your situation).

    She has to stay in her room QUIETLY for the duration of naptime (while her brother sleeps). It takes a little time to establish while they figure out the boundaries but so worth it.

    She plays with her toys, reads, plays leapster and when under the weather sleeps. I will so be doing the same with her little brother when he no longer needs a nap.

  7. it's the same here when the jellybean refuses to nap on the weekend. i am really afraid of the day when he gives them up completely. good luck tomorrow. i'm dong the napping dance for you.

  8. Naps were making my son into a bear with wayyy too late bed times. We dropped them and while we hit a 'rough' afternoon period (even with some quiet time) it's way better than how it was when he was napping. Although, I really miss his naps!

  9. Napping really is so hard isn't it. Mark my words, when she is 4 and you don't want her to nap anymore, she will. Kids! :)