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Friday, November 27, 2009


I don't know
what it is like.
I can only imagine
how hard it must be.

You told me that your daughter
Is the same age as mine.
That it has been two years
Since you were last with her.
That my girl reminds you of yours.
You left when she was the same age as my son,
The same age as the child you care for.

I wonder when you see
The families at the park playing
How often you think of yours.


  1. That must be so difficult! My heart goes out to her and other immigrants who leave their families behind in their old countries.

  2. I always wonder this about nanny's, too... Many I know have children back home... and yet they are apart from them for most of the year, seeing them only at holidays, if that... it is sad, isn't it?

  3. a stronger woman that i, she is.

  4. Wow - how difficult. I can't even imagine, every single day must be so hard for her.

    p.s. I don't live in Carp or anywhere near there :) A friend asked me to do the craft sale so I said yes. I actually live near Woodroffe and Hunt Club and am one bus ride from downtown. Hubby takes the 95 to work every single morning! So not too hard to get here for book club :)

  5. How sad :(

    I can't imagine... makes my heart ache to think of it.


  6. Imagine how hard life must have been in order for it to be easier to leave her children behind rather than stay. ack.