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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Mama he cried as he stood in our entrance hall. He pointed at the door as if willing me to come home.

Mama he called as he toddled down the hallway towards me. Bare legs and a long-sleeved onesie snapped to cover his bare bum, I scooped him into my arms.

Mama he screamed as his father tried to lower him into the warm bathwater. His displeasure apparent, he demanded to be released.

Mama he sighed as I reached the top of the stairs. Picking him up, he was happy to see me but indicated with his grunts and wild gesturing that he wanted to be taken back downstairs.

Mama he said as he sat naked beside me on the couch, eyeing up my dinner companion. Crawling all over me he let it be know that I was his and he was mine.

Mama. Dressed in his pajamas it was time for bed.


  1. My little one still doesn't say mama. But all the rest of it sounds very familiar. :)