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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was on top of things this morning. I was up at a good time (I slept in until 6:15 am!), managed to eat some breakfast and make it out of the house on time. I went for a run and stopped to get groceries on the way back home. Not just groceries for today, but for tomorrow's lunch and dinner too.

It wasn't until I had dragged the grocery and boy laden stroller up the front steps and opened my diaper bag that I realized I was missing my keys. Immedialty I could picture them in the pocket of my blue coat hanging in the closet on the other side of the door. Along with my cellphone.

What to do.

If the boy hadn't still been loudly expressing his displeasure about being taken out of the shopping cart I may have come up with a better plan. I thought about checking to see if the neighbours were home but I assumed they were both at work. I thought about checking to see if my friend was back from running her errand but I assumed she was still out. I thought about heading to the museum, leaving the bags of groceries in the stroller and killing some time before i could pick the girl up from school by wandering around and looking at the dinosaurs with the boy.

Instead I called the husband. From the pay phone on the corner I dialed his office number and was glad that he happened to be sitting at his desk. We talked about what I should do and he offered to come home and unlock the door for me. I felt a little guilt, but took him up on his offer.

While it wasn't too cold out, the boy and I still headed into a coffee shop to await the husband's arrival. Pushing the double stroller filled with groceries through the closely packed tables I wondered at the wisdom of my decision, but once we were both seated on the banquet eating a cheese croissant and drinking coffee everything went smoothly. The boy enjoyed the new things to look and at the new people to listen too. He would have been quite happy to have butted into the business meeting taking place between some men a couple tables over but I encouraged him to eat his croissant instead.

The best part of the whole thing was the boy's reaction at his father's arrival. Wandering between the tables, he was surprised to hear his dad call his name from just inside the doorway. Turning toward the husband, the boy ran as fast as he could into the arms of his kneeling father for a big hug.

That makes forgetting my keys worth it.


  1. Totally worth it. Lovely break to the day for him too, I bet!

    I hate forgetting keys. I once had to get my husband to cab home from downtown, because he took the only set of car keys to work with him, and the baby and I were supposed to go get all the pizzas for his toastmasters end of year party. Talk about a frenzy!

  2. Oh that is so sweet, i can totally see it!

  3. I love those moments, watching my babies and husband and their joy at seeing each other. It really does make forgetting the keys worth it, for sure. :)