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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I wish I could promise you this is my last post ever on sleep but that is highly unlikely

The kids are both asleep. That's right, the nap alter must have worked. Well, it didn't work yesterday so there must be a one day delay but it is working today so I am happy.

After a very rough Saturday night with the girl, the boy decided he wanted a turn to trip the night fantastic and woke up for two hours in the middle of Sunday night ready to rock and roll. Me? Not so much. That meant the poor husband was up with the boy and trying to work his magic and entice the little one back to bed. Finally, he gave in.

Those two. I have decided that more drastic action will need to be taken when they are older to ensure they appreciate the nighttime sacrificed we make. I will still be putting them through a rigorous, week long program of randomly waking them during the night as teenagers. But I don't think that is enough anymore.

In addition, I will now be planning stealth missions into their apartments to wake both them and whatever partner they happen to be sleeping with at the time. I may pretend the husband and i have had a fight and need comforting. I may just crawl into their bedrooms and up into the bed and then start yelling their names. If I am feeling lazy one night I may just phone them repeatedly throughout the night on cell phones I have hidden throughout their home. I am not sure exactly how I will carryout this campaign of mine. Luckily I twenty years or so to plan it.

Just the thought of it brings me much joy.


  1. I actually *cried* with laughter at the thought of you sneaking into their rooms to yell their names at full volume. I am totally coming with you just so I can witness the fabulousness of your plan!

  2. hehehe that is a fabulous idea!

  3. You should NOT be allowed to be THIS funny girl!! My sides hurt!! :D