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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy trick-or-treat

We had all three necessary components for a good Halloween last Saturday:

1. Friends

Some of our / the girl's friends came over for a pizza dinner and evening of trick-or-treating. This was the third year that we have had people over for trick-or-treating and pizza and I like the tradition we have started. We don't have too many traditions around here so I hope this is one that continues.

The posse was made up of Snow White (our girl in an hand-me-down costume from my cousins), a pink pig (the boy wearing the same costume she wore at that age), a fairy princess with wings and Spider-man. Or should I say spider girl.

(Two other families had planned to join us but bowed out at the last minute due to illness. They were sorely missed! Especially the prince to the girl's princess.)

The girl really does love her friends. At the very first house we went to she refused to leave the doorstep until her friend was done getting her candy. When we tried to usher her away she grabbed her friend's hand to pull her along too. Unfortunately she gabbed the wrong child dressed in a Spider-man costume. Her friend had already moved onto the next house. But I think the girl learnt an Halloween lesson right then. There is often more than one of something or someone wandering the streets on Halloween.

2. Candy

Even though we have taken the girl trick-or-treating before, the first time at fourteen months she had only been walking for two weeks, this time she really got it. She was a bit shy going up to houses in the beginning but by the end she was happy to yell "trick-or-treat" or, my favorite, "happy trick-or-treat"! Then she would gladly hold out her bag and grab the candy being handed to her. Most of the time she even said "thank you".

The boy had about as much fun as it was possible for him to have. It took only one house for him to catch onto the idea that all he had to do was walk up to someone and they would give him things to put in his bag. Or better yet, to clutch in his hand and try to eat through the wrapping. He even approached some of the neighborhood parents we ran into on the street with his arm outstretched to see if they too would bestow upon him one of those brightly coloured rectangles he had been collecting. He was out of luck, but I really had to admire his attempt.

The boy also impressed me with his stamina. This year we walked down one very long block and back up another and the boy walked nearly all of the time. Pretty impressive for a fourteen month old. Next year, though, we are bringing the wagon. If only to carry the full bags of candy. By the end of the night the three kids that were left were dragging their bags on the ground behind them as they walked.

At one point that night the girl was also dragging part of her costume. Climbing up and down stairs in a long Snow White gown quickly caused part of the gown's crinoline to get stepped on and ripped. Before long a piece of crinoline was trailing behind her as she walked, collecting stray sticks and leaves. Finally, the husband balled up the lose crinoline and stuffed it up the back of her dress. I did kind of like the imagery though. Our Snow White wasn't singing or dancing with the animals in the forest, but she was bringing a little bit of our urban nature along for the ride with her.

3. Vomit

Yes, you read that right. Nothing rounds out an evening of partying like some vomit.

By the time we got back to the house it was past the kids usual bedtime. We let them play a little, have a treat and say goodbye to our friends, but then it was upstairs to bed. The boy was very tired and easy to get to sleep, but the girl was not going down without a fight. From the boy's room I could hear her shrieks of "I'm not sleepy!" and "I don't want to go to bed". In between the yelling were sobs and tears.

When I joined them in her room, the girl was past the point of consolation. I sat in front of her on her bed and tried to get her to take some deep breaths and calm down. The crying had now progressed to gulps and gaps. Concerned, I looked around for something to catch the throw up I thought was coming. Finding nothing, I cupped my hands just in time for a mixture of pizza and orange frosted cupcakes to find its way into my waiting hands. (And no, this didn't stop me from eating a cupcake later that night). After some more throwing up, a change of clothes, new sheets and covers, the girl was finally lying down in bed. She insisted right up until she fell asleep that she wasn't tired.

All in all it was a good Halloween. Maybe one of the best.

I know the girl liked it. The first thing she said to me Sunday morning when I sat down beside her on her bed was "Is there candy downstairs?".

Indeed there is. But none of it is for you.

Boohaaaa! (evil laugh)


  1. You are much better with vomit than I am. Unless you count the Great Rosh Hashanah Puke-Fest of 1999. I spent much of that night covered in vomit but these days...not so much.
    You must have a stomach of steel.

  2. Oh are a mom. Vomit catching and all. I once used my sports bra and then found just moving everyone "into" the bath tub was much easier (well, until the clogged drain). Bummer!

  3. Much braver than I would be! Don't know that I would have caught it. I think cleaning it up would have been better.

  4. I'm sorry that the night ended in vomit - it was souds fabulous up until that point ;)

    Way to catch the vomit though!

    We have friends we meet for Halloween too, it's a great tradition.

  5. Oh boy, I can't tell you how many times I've caught throw up in my hands. Always seems like the logical thing to do at the time, hehehe.

  6. ew .. so glad you guys had a great Halloween. I like the tradition of pizza and friends!

  7. oh not vomit! Poor thing. My 4 year old was also insistent that he was not tired. You can't fault them for trying I guess.

  8. EWWW!! What a MOMMA!! Around these parts...I do the poop and the husband does the puke!! I.just.can'!!
    Sounds like a wonderful night, otherwise!!