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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Conversations with the girl

Alternate title: How I know she is my daughter

Scene: The girl walks into the kitchen. Her brother follows close behind.

Girl: What's that Mommy?

Girl points to the can of Pringles that I had thought I had hidden out of her line of sight high up on the kitchen counter.

Me: Oh, that's a box of crackers.

Girl: No it's not. That's chips.

Me: Umm....


Girl: I want some!

Me: No, not right now. It is time for you and your bother to go have naps now. Maybe later.


(Not as much later as I would have liked but later enough for the boy to have woken up from an hour and a half nap and for me to let him wake up the girl by pushing the door to her room open and climbing into her bed with her. Which she didn't really appreciate.)

The girl walks into the kitchen. Her brother follows close behind.

Girl: Where's the red thing?

She points to the kitchen counter where the Pringles can had been before I moved it to a cupboard across the room.

Me: Umm ... oh fine. You can have a few chips but that is it!

I place six chips in a bowl. I walk over to the couch in the sun room where she is sitting and hand her the bowl. I give the boy one chip to circumvent the inevitable screaming that happens when his sister gets something he doesn't.

I walk back to the kitchen counter. I lift the bag of Cheerios out of its box, place the Pringles in the bottom of the box and cover them with the bag. I walk away with a thoughtful look on my face wondering how long that hiding place will last.


  1. at the moment my hiding place is the top of the fridge. don't know how long that one will work. like the bottom of the cheerios box idea. might have to resort to that one.

  2. I'm still hiding chips (and chocolate) from my husband. I don't know what I'll do when there are more people interested in my secret stash!

  3. At least she listened to you the first time! My children would INSIST on having the chips RIGHT NOW! I have no control over that... they control me... I know, it's not a good thing! I tend to sometimes hide things from the kids, too... and I justify it by saying to myself 'they don't NEED to eat more chocolate/chips/ice cream/cookies'! ;)