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Thursday, November 5, 2009


While my memory often fails me, I do believe that the girl was speaking more at fourteen months then the boy is now. I wish I had been blogging then and could look back through posts and say ah yes, her favorite word was cat and that was the day she learnt to say no. But I can't. I don't have a written record of her first few years like I will have for the boy. The trade-off is that there are many more pictures of her than him. He is lucky if I take his picture once a month.

But back to the topic at hand. Communication. The girl may have had a bigger vocabulary, but the boy continually astonishes me with his ability to understand. When I ask him to go to the front door and find your shoes or take this carrot to your dad he will and he does. He seems to understand pretty much most things I tell/ ask of him. If he doesn't comply it seems to be more because he doesn't want to than because he doesn't know what I mean.

Would you like a muffin? He nods. It's time to get into your highchair. He shakes his head. Let's climb into the stroller and go home. He shakes his head, arches his back and screams in anger.

Head nodding and shaking are key components of the boy's communication. Sometimes nods are accompanied by little das. Just like his sister used to do. With her we would joke that she was our Russian baby. (Not to be confused with our French baby. That's what called her after she was first born as a way to console her about the stork having left her with us instead of that nice Parisian couple she had been hoping for.) The head shakes involve the vigorous movement of his head back and forth and, sometimes, yelps of angh. The sound always makes me think that he is trying to shrug off whatever request or demand I have just stated. As if he could push away the very thought of it.

The words he does speak are still limited. Mama is his definite favorite. He will call for me now when he is up at night. He will call for me if I am upstairs sleeping and he feels I should be awake. Sometimes he will just call for me. Nana still means any type of food, but also banana. Moow is a new one and he will happily yell it out when you ask him what sound a cow makes.

Today he debuted two new words. While chatting with the husband on speaker phone, I asked him to say goodbye to daddy. Da-dy he said. I laughed and asked the husband if he had heard that. The husband laughed and said he had. Much praise was heaped upon the boy. Say bye-bye I said.

Bah-bah he said.


  1. oh cute! My M was slower at taking up talking than D was. I always wondered if it was a 2nd child thing. But who knows. Of course now he is 4 and won't STOP talking so get ready! It will come eventually :)

  2. Our little guy is 20 months and he's the exact same as your son! Points, grunts, "unngh?". We probably made matters worse because we respond to his points etc. We've started saying "say ___" to try to get him to talk and he does try some but not alot. However, like you said...I am astonished daily at what he understands. It's unreal that someone so tiny can be so smart! It's fun to play with... :)