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Monday, November 30, 2009

Coffee and cupcakes

When I am old(er) and the kids have moved out of the house, maybe I have even retired, I am going to start my own business. A non-profit. Really, a charity of sorts. Something every parent needs.

Ring. Ring.

Me: Good morning! Coffee and cupcakes!

Tired, frazzled, unwashed mother of three: Oh, good. I was so afraid you wouldn't be there. I got your number from my friend at playgroup. I've been up since four-thirty with a teething baby, my toddler peed his bed and both my six year old and husband have the flu.

Me: You poor thing. I think this calls for an even half dozen. How about three chocolate with blueberry butter cream icing and three vanilla with caramel icing. Now, latte, cappuccino or dark roasted?

Mother: Oh, um. Hmm, a latte please. With chocolate sprinkles?

Me: Done. There will be a bag of goodies on your doorstep in thirty minutes. I will include our order form and link to our website. You can fax or order online anytime before 6am for delivery by 7am. After that you can always call.

Mother: Thank you so much! This is just what I needed!

Me: My pleasure. This is why we're here. And believe me, I have been where you are. I understand.


  1. Oh that is the BEST idea. My possible career option was to establish a 24hr delivery service of nappies, childrens medications and parent friendly food. I think i came up with this when toddler had 3rd ear infection of the month at 3am and we ran out of nappies and I had to use a towel. But cupcakes and coffee, fantastic. Brilliant franchising opportunities too :)

  2. That business? Would TOTALLY make a killing. I don't even like coffee, but I would call just for the cupcakes.

  3. Indeed this would be awesome. I love how you wrote it too. I am so impressed that you are running, raising kids and writing so much. My blog is sparse and I am running nowhere....but very fast.

  4. I love it! Make mine a hot chocolate though ;)

    That sounds so lovely.

  6. oh, i could have done with that delivery this morning!

  7. mmmm...cupcakes!! I'll move to Canada to help...just pay me in cupcakes!!! AND lots of COFFEE please!

  8. Hahaha Brilliant! I'll start an Austin branch!