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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vacation day

There is nothing like a restful day at home with the family. Or so I can imagine.

The husband took today off work to stay home and lend a hand. He wanted to give me a break by helping out with the kids. Try to ease some of the overwhelming feelings I have been struggling with. Instead we are both exhausted from last night and dealing with a very unhappy and sick little girl.

Last night felt like one of those comedy of errors where people are room hoping all night. Except instead of having secret liaisons, we were up and down with the kids. Up and down...

The girl woke up at 10:30 pm. She was so hot and yet complained about being chilly. I was worried about her so I stayed and slept in her bed. Until 1:30 am when I woke up and felt it was safe enough to head back to bed...

Which the husband had just left to get up with the boy for the second time that night. It took two hours to get the boy back to sleep. Stupid molars are coming in and making the boy so miserable. He is restless and unhappy. And fighting sleep...

They both woke up at 4:30 am but the husband managed to get the girl back to sleep while I headed downstairs with a boy who had much too much energy for my liking. That was our night.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur. It involved two naps for me (both before 10 am), two naps for the girl and another two for the boy. A lot of television was watched and juice was consumed by the girl. But I was just happy to have her drinking and she had no energy for anything else. At one point she sat beside me in the living room staring into space for half an hour. How out of character is that!

I think she will be home from school tomorrow. Which is too bad because it is the class Halloween party. I am hoping she will be better enough to trick-or-treat but we will have to wait and see. The plan is for some friends and their kids to come over for pizza first and then all head out together. If nothing else, maybe her friend W will still come. I mean, if the girl is sick he probably is too considering they discovered the art of French kissing together on Monday when I was at home with the injured boy.

Here are the tweets I got from his mom:

@capitalmom things are good here. just back from a big walk around Patterson Creek looking at ducks and playing hide and go seek.

@capitalmom your daughter and my son french kissed. it was gross and cute at the same time. yours started it.

Of course she did.


  1. The tweets gave me a giggle. Glad the other mom has a sense of humour about it? lol

    Molars are the worst aren't they? And they take forever. It seems like its perpetual teething time when you see the big purple bulges. Our boy has one molar peeking out on two edges now, and one on one edge on the other side. He won't chew cold things, so we are left with finger massages and Motrin. *sigh*

    However, now that they have peeked through the gyums, he has slept through the night for the past two nights! So hang tight, this too shall pass and bliss will be had once they are through the gums! I actually got a full nights sleep last night!

  2. those tweets are too funny. I hope your girl is feeling better. I always know my baby (he is 4... I know) is really sick when he won't leave my lap to play. It is a rare occurance! Take Care

  3. aww hope your kids are feeling better!!